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SHARP Loan Repayment for Primary Health-care Practitioners

A Message from Governor Bill Walker

Proper health care solutions are crucial to the future of our state and the overall vitality of our people. Alaska’s current health care system is in need of changes that empower patients and health care providers, increase the number of providers throughout the state, and decrease costs for both the state and individuals.

-DHSS biannual external newsletter, “Winter Update:  2014-2015”


SHARP Support-for-Service​​

The SHARP-I summer 2018 application cycle is now closed. An off-cycle application opportunity will be available after October 1. For more information on the off-cycle opportunity see the link below, Contract-3: Off Cycle Contracts.

SHARP Council will meet 9/13/18 to decide Awardees

Alaska’s SHARP Council selects all/any clinician finalists for Alaska’s SHARP program.  Council does this by reviewing the panel of all otherwise eligible candidates during a publicly noticed meeting.  Review is done by blind case-code, and ensuing Council admittance decisions are done in public voting.  

SHARP-1 – Checklist for Eligibility to Apply
Basic Required Elements – as of 6/22/18

Alaska’s SHARP-1 program option is based on our now-traditional HRSA partnership grant. Thus, know that HRSA has several stipulations as to basic eligibility requirements. The list of those basic requirements (at least) includes the following items.

Clinicians must:

  • Be in an eligible medical, dental or behavioral health occupation
  • Provide direct patient care (at least some)
  • Provide primary care (outpatient, ambulatory clinic); generalist
  • Have eligible education loan debt only (in your name only; & not co-mingled)
  • Plan on participating in either full-time or half-time capacity
  • Be finished with licensure-relevant school/training
  • Hold a relevant occupational license
  • Be able to start contract soon (e.g. between Oct & Dec)
  • Be a U.S. citizen (or naturalized)

Employers must:

  • Be a non-profit or government entities (and not for-profit)
  • Have or be located within a federal HPSA designation
  • Provide outpatient, clinic based care (in most all instances) (if inpatient services, then only at CAHs in HPSAs, or tribal hospitals)
  • Be Prepared to pay required employer match


The interested party CAN submit and application, even though any of these are items are NOT YET true. However, in order for the SHARP contract to actually begin (i.e. service credit begins to accrue), then all of these elements must be true.

If you still need clarification as to meaning on any of these items, please send an email request to​


The purpose of the SHARP-I program option is to recruit and retain selected primary health care professionals to serve in federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) in exchange for the repayment of qualifying educational loans, pursuant to a signed SHARP MOA with the State of Alaska. 

  • PDFProject Abstract
  • PDFSHARP one-pager
  • PDFPosition Type: Regular v. Very Hard-to-Fill
  • PDFEmployer Match
  • PDFEmployer Recruitment Prerogative
  • PDFDemonstration Project I: Recruitment & Retention of Substance Abuse Clinicians
  • PDFDemonstration Project I: Recruitment & Retention of Clinicians to Replace Locum Tenens
  • PDFEligible Inpatient Settings
  • PDFContract-3: Off-Cycle Contracts
  • PDFSHARP-1 Service Contract (inspection copy)

  • What is the best way to ask about SHARP?

    The best way to ask about the SHARP Program is by email. If you send an email we will have your email address and will be able to alert you to opportunities in the SHARP Program. Please send your email to:

    Or fill out the SHARP Inquiry Form


    Eligible Occupations

    Tier-1: Award Amount $35,000 per year; Very Hard-to-Fill $47,000 per year.
    • Primary Care Physician (MD or DO), includes Psychiatrists
    • Pharmacist
    • Dentist (DDS or DMD)
    Tier-2: Award Amount $20,000; Very Hard-to-Fill $27,000 per year.
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Physician Assistant
    • Registered Nurse
    • Certified Nurse Midwife
    • Psychologist (Ph.D. or PsyD)
    • Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
    • Psychiatric Nurse Specialist (PNS)
    • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
    • Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT)
    • Registered Clinical Dental Hygienist

    SHARP: Providing Support-for-Service to Health Care Practitioners


    The purpose of SHARP is to address the worsening shortage of certain health professionals in the state by increasing the number and improving the distribution of healthcare professionals who provide direct patient care. SHARP particularly focuses on increasing the access to healthcare for higher-needs populations by working to increase the recruitment and retention of selected health care practitioners. SHARP provides support-for-service to practitioners in the form of either repayment of qualifying education loans and/or payment of direct incentive, pursuant to a signed SHARP contract with the State of Alaska.

    SHARP featured in the Alaska Legislative Digest March 18, 2018
    Read about Alaska's SHARP Program in the Alaska Journal of Commerce.
    NPR Series "Our Land" Features SHARP Program Physician Working in Klukwan.
    Check out the article on the SHARP Program in Northwest Pulse, the e-newsletter of the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association.

    SHARP Advisory Council Member Statements

    SHARP Advisory Council members provide statements on SHARP's success to date and the need for SHARP-III.


    NOTE: SHARP-III will not be available until further notice due to statutory and regulatory development.

    Alaska’s SHARP Program has a new component currently in development: SHARP-III. SHARP-III will offer a wider array of employer sites and be available to more occupations. 

    Learn More about SHARP-III from these Documents

    Service Contract

    Interested parties can view an inspection copy of the current SHARP-I Memorandum of Agreement:


    SHARP is operated by the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, and is jointly supported by funds from several sources including the State of Alaska’s General Fund, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, and the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), and required partial employer match.

    What People are Saying About SHARP

    SHARP is working and we're making progress!

    SHARP Employer Sites Seeking Clinicians

    Important Notice about Concurrent Service Obligations

    Concurrent service obligations are not allowed in the SHARP Program. SHARP participants can only receive one support-for-service award. In some cases an employer will offer the clinician a signing bonus and/or moving expenses as a service obligation. Clinicians who receive these benefits can participate in the SHARP Program as long as the employer stipulates that these benefits don’t constitute a service obligation.

    Looking for a health care job in Alaska?

    Frequently we are asked by clinicians interested in working in Alaska about the best way to find a job, or if we can help them find a job. We emphasize that we are not a job referral agency. In general we do not know which health care agencies are recruiting for which positions. We do, however, want clinicians and employers to get acquainted with the goal of providing health care in under-served areas of the state.

    We have reached out to Alaska health care facilities and asked them to provide contact information to enabled candidates to inquire about health care opportunities. Many facilities have responded generously with the names and email addresses of staff to contact about employment. The websites of these facilities are also provided. Job searchers should go to the websites to see specifically which jobs are available.

    It continues to be our mission to build the Alaska health care workforce. As employers continue to send their contact information to us we will update this list of recruiting agencies. This list is not all inclusive and only contains the information that health care facilities have sent us. You should use this list as a way to develop a network of contacts and to become better acquainted with the health care system in Alaska.

    As part of your search for health care opportunities in Alaska you should also register with 3RNet, the Rural Recruitment and Retention Network for employers and candidates.

    • Robert Sewell, Ph.D., Program Director
      Alaska Division of Public Health
      Section of Health Planning & Systems Development 
      P.O. Box 110610
      Juneau, AK 99811-0610
      Phone: (907) 465-4065