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Informed Alaskans

Alaska BRFSS Health Profiles: Downloadable Data Files

Data Formats

The source data for the BRFSS health profiles are available as comma-separated values (CSV) files and as highly structured Excel files. The CSV format for greater interoperability, accessibility, and efficiency. The Excel files would be useful for customizing InstantAtlas presentations.

Users can also use the HTML Profiles as means of copying data. Just select and display the geographic region, theme, or indicator within the HTML Profile. Save the displayed content in a file with its native HTML extension. Open the saved version, highlight and copy the data of interest, and paste within a spreadsheet.

CSV Template

The first row contains the "header" with variable names. A common layout is used for the BRFSS data. Commas separate variables and quote marks surround text fields. The CSV format supplements the HTML Profiles in providing highly accessible content.

The eight variables in the data sets are:

  • Theme - Theme label
  • Risk Factor/Indicator - Risk Factor/Indicator label
  • Period - Time period, either individual years or range of years
  • Geography - Geographic area represented
  • value - Percentage (or days, if specified by indicator)
  • Count - Number of survey respondents
  • UpperLimit - 95% upper confidence limit
  • LowerLimit - 95% lower confidence limit

CSV Data Files

The data files are organized by geography and then whether they provide crude or age-adjusted values.

Public Health Regions - Race - 1yr

Public Health Regions - Disability - 3yr

Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas - Race - 1yr

Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas - 65+ - 3yr

Boroughs/Census Areas - Race - 3yr

Boroughs/Census Areas - Race - 5yr

Tribal Health Regions - Race - 3yr

Tribal Health Regions - Race - 5yr

Behavioral Health Systems Regions - Race - 1yr

Excel InstantAtlas Data Layout

The Excel workbooks follow the InstantAtlas data requirements and consist of three main spreadsheets: Geography and Filters, IADatasheet, and Metadata. The organization of each spreadsheet is described in the InstantAtlas Desktop User Guide. The IADatasheet is organized into columns with merged cells in rows indicating grouping variables. For example, row 1 contains the theme label which merges all of the columns relating to that theme. Row 2 contains the labels for the one or more indicators within a theme and spans the columns related to the individual indicators. Row 3 merges together columns related to a time period within each indicator. Row 4 indicates the type of data and row 5 indicates the time period or subgroup with its associated variables such as counts for the number of surveys and alerts for potential statistical abnormalities. Data are presented in rows 6 onward according to the geographic areas and comparative values (such as statewide means or Healthy Alaskans 2020 goals).

Excel Data Files

The data files in Excel format are available upon request to Just specify the theme(s), geography, time period [if not 1991-2014], and whether crude and/or age-adjusted values are desired.