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Informed Alaskans

The Informed Alaskans Initiative

Informed Alaskans is a data visualization initiative to make state, regional, and community health data readily accessible to individuals, health organizations, health providers, and policy makers. Employing a combination of descriptive profiles matched by a suite of maps, tables, and charts, health data are available using an intuitive, informative, and interactive interface. Visual indicators of color, size, location, and direction augment numerical and categorical data to help understand health risks, disparities, and disease prevalence in Alaska. Users have access to health information organized within a manageable framework. All information is available in both graphic and text formats.

There are two essential elements in the Informed Alaskans initiative. The primary element, released in December 2013, is a database and query system entitled the Alaska Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health (IBIS-PH, or AK-IBIS for short) to provide context to health data. IBIS-PH is a web-based application whose development by the Utah Department of Health was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The secondary element, released in June 2012, is the InstantAtlas™​ geographic information system produced by GeoWise.

Informed Alaskans is a mnemonic device for remembering IA, where the "I" stands for IBIS and the "A" for the atlas aspect of InstantAtlas™. Together, AK-IBIS and InstantAtlas™ will provide unprecedented access to Alaskan health data.

Begin by selecting either AK-IBIS Health Data for indicator profiles and dataset queries or InstantAtlas™ Health Maps for spatial depictions of the prevalence of health indicators from the top of the navigation bar to the left.

Informed Alaskans Training

Training in the elements of InstantAtlas™ Health Maps and AK-IBIS Health Data is available to individuals and organizations by contacting or calling (907) 269-8030.

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