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The types of services we provide include:

  • immunizations

  • family planning
  • pregnancy testing
  • prenatal monitoring
  • postpartum home visits
  • other home visits
  • senior clinics
  • chronic disease services
  • well child exams
  • EPSDT outreach, screening, and referral
  • clinics for special needs children
  • WIC and ILP referrals
  • school screenings
  • audiograms
  • tuberculosis screening
  • STD screening, counseling, treatment, and contact follow-up
  • HIV prevention counseling, testing, and contact follow-up
  • epidemiological investigations
  • parenting education
  • health education
  • community assessment
  • community organizing and development activities
  • participation in community partnerships in response to public health concerns.

Our services are available to all residents of Alaska. Beginning July 1, 2012, fees will be assessed for all clinic services at Alaska’s public health centers. Clients will be asked to pay for services or provide a current Medicaid card at the time of service. Fees may be adjusted on a sliding scale based on family income. No one will be refused service due to inability to pay.


The broad based public health knowledge and experience of public health nursing in Alaska helps reduce health care costs through early detection and prevention of health problems. Alaska's public health nurses have intimate knowledge of local community resources, community leadership, and family structures essential to public health functions such as communicable disease control. Their skills and knowledge combined with the trust of individuals and professionals in their communities are valuable in working with health and environmental issues. The PHN presence at the local level assures timely intervention.

Photo credits: Thanks to Elfrida Nord for the use of her photo of children in Chevak.