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Iditarod reminds us to have fun in the snow

Canine athletes get out and play every day. Photo courtesy of T.S. Lenahan

It’s this time of year when we notice that the winter has been upon us for a long time. Months now. It’s been snowy and blowy. It’s been cold and it’s been dark.

But wait: The sun’s staying out longer and longer these days, and it’s bright and yellow in that sky, calling us to get out and play.

For the past week, hundreds of huskies have been running from Anchorage to Nome on the great quest of the Iditarod race.

The fastest and hardiest of those dogs will be crossing that finish line soon, wagging their tails with excitement even after all of their effort along the way. They definitely got their 60 minutes of activity each day, and then some!

It’s fun to challenge ourselves with physical activities, and there’s so much we can be doing this time of year to get out and play. Snow fell in the past few weeks across Alaska, leaving plenty for snowballs that can turn into snowmen. There are fresh trails for skiing and tracks for sledding at hills in local parks. Kids are skating on lagoons, where ice shines bright under the sunshine.

While the husky dogs are running the Iditarod, yellow labs, golden retrievers and collies are getting their exercise by joining their families on a walk around the neighborhood.

There are so many ways to play. If you’re looking for creative ideas, visit our list of cold weather activities. If it’s late at night, or too cold to go outdoors, there are plenty of ways to get moving inside, too.

Have fun!