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Welcome to Play Every Day!

Dr. Ward Hurlburt
Chief Medical Officer
Alaska Division of Public Health

This is Ward Hurlburt, the Chief Medical Officer for Alaska.

Happy New Year! Have you set any resolutions for being healthy, losing weight, or helping your kids build habits for good health? If so, join our Play Every Day campaign.

The Play Every Day message is simple: We all need to play -- or be physically active -- every day to be as healthy as possible and maintain a healthy weight. Kids should play for at least 60 minutes every day for the best health possible. Play can look pretty much any way you want it to look. Walk to the local park and take some sledding runs down the hill. Ice skate. Ski. Go for a walk. Play a game of tag with your kids after school. Have a dance party in your living room.

One great way to get your family started off right this year is to participate in the Healthy Futures Challenge. Over 100 elementary schools across Alaska are participating. Visit the Healthy Futures website to find out if your child’s school is one of them. Participation is fun and free, and children win prizes for being active.

The 2013 Spring Healthy Futures Challenge starts at the beginning of each month during February, March and April. To win all three prizes, kids must participate each month.

So let’s get out and play. See you out there!