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March 25
Spring into action, join the challenge


Woodriver Elementary students spring into action by joining the Challenge.   
Play every Day Blog
Spring in Alaska can feel like a slog sometimes. As the amount of daylight lengthens, the melting begins -- and with it, puddles and mud, ruts and bogs, the colors and odors of winter’s undoing and summer’s approach. All of which means there’s more reason to get outside and play.
Spring means getting on snowshoes one day and biking the next. It means scraping snow and ice before jumping rope in short sleeves. And it means joining the last splash of the Healthy Futures Challenge, a school-based program to help kids get physically active.
Over 10,000 students from 158 elementary schools participated in the Healthy Futures Challenge in February. By the end of this school year, thousands of more students will complete the Challenge.
Kids can still get involved by joining the Challenge at their school and by staying physically active all year through sports, play, exploration, adventure, the performing arts, wilderness camps and much more.
Check your community’s resources for free and affordable programs, park locations, trail maps, event calendars and more. Need suggestions?
The Alaska Runner’s Calendar includes footraces, triathlons, fun runs, orienteering and more events and activities happening throughout the state.
Look for local parks and recreation resources like these for information on events and activities in your community: