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March 05
Greta's Healthy Half Hour


Anchorage student Greta puts her swim cap on in the car so she’s ready to go swimming as soon as they arrive at the pool.
Greta is a 9-year-old student at Polaris K-12 in Anchorage. She makes sure she gets her “Healthy Half Hour” every day as part of the Healthy Futures Challenge. During each month of the Challenge, children like Greta keep a log of their physical activities outside of gym class.
Participating in the Challenge gets kids closer to the national recommendation of 60 minutesof physical activity every day for the best health.
One way Greta gets exercise during Alaska’s long winter months is swimming. She also likes to walk the dog with her mom, dance and ski. “I love it,” she says about playing. “It’s just fun.” She encourages everyone to gather their friends and go outside. “Play is good,” she adds, laughing.
The March Healthy Futures Challenge started yesterday, March 3, in a record 149 schools. Are you getting your healthy half hour? Find out if your child's school is signed up for the Spring Healthy Futures Challenge. 


Watch the video below to learn more about Greta's Healthy Half Hour.
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Greta's Healthy Half Hour from AlaskaDHSS on Vimeo.