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Play Every Day Blog > Posts > Be a hero to your kids: Play together


February 26
Be a hero to your kids: Play together


Mao Tosi and his daughter enjoy a sled ride together.
Last year, we invited parents throughout Alaska to talk to us about physical activity for their families.
The national recommendation for children’s physical activity is 60 minutes each day for the best health.
We wanted to know if parents build in time each day for their family to be active. And if they did, what kinds of benefits did they think they’d see?
A parent in rural Alaska said parents want to make the best decisions for their kids, and when they do that, they are a hero to their children.
A hero.
Parents in Alaska said they wanted to make decisions that would help their children be happy and healthy, and have good self-esteems. Making sure their children are physically active every day is a great way to do that.
You may have seen a TV public service announcement we’re running about making physical activity a priority for the whole family, and the good things that come from that for everyone. The father in this announcement is Mao Tosi and his daughter. Mao is an Anchorage dad and businessman, and a local advocate for children. As he says at the end, "Be a hero to your kids. Get out and play, every day."
Watch Mao and his daughter get out and play in this PSA. How can you find more ways to be physically active with your children?
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