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Play Every Day Blog > Posts > Solving Childhood Obesity in Alaska


January 08
Solving Childhood Obesity in Alaska

How do you like to play?
Dr. Ward Hurlburt, Alaska's Chief Medical Officer, doesn't mince words when he talks about childhood obesity in Alaska.
Alaska's top doctor calls obesity and overweight in children the dominant public health challenge of this generation.
If obesity starts early, it is likely to stick around. Obese children are more likely to grow up into obese adults and face a number of crippling chronic conditions, like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.
Some health leaders predict that if nothing changes, this generation of children could be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.
Just how large is the problem here?
About three out of 10 kids in Alaska are overweight.
We can fix this. 
Help us raise awareness about this problem and the risks to our children. We can work together to raise healthy children in Alaska: Talk about the problem. Take action. Be physically active with your kids.
Physically active children become physically active adults. Play helps kids maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and cancer. Kids who are physically active are more likely to do better in school. Families who play together become closer. 
We all need to work together to help Alaska's children be as healthy as possible. Please join us in encouraging Alaska's kids to get out and play, every day.