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Play Every Day Blog > Posts > College Gate's "Make Your Move" video wins grand prize, plus Super Bowl MVP visit


April 22
College Gate's "Make Your Move" video wins grand prize, plus Super Bowl MVP visit

College Gate Elementary students show the joy of play during their Make Your Move video shoot.   
Play every Day Blog
Katie Povolo teaches PE atCollege Gate Elementary and Stephen Kennedy runs the Anchorage School District’s ASD-TV. Together with College Gate students and ASD staff, they created one of five grand prize videos in the national Make Your Move video competition run by Quaker Oats and sponsored by the NFL’s Fuel Up to Play 60program.  Hundreds of schools submitted entries.
The College Gate video won a $15,000 grand prize toward outdoor PE gear, plus a school visit by Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith of the Seattle Seahawks. Smith visited College Gate on April 11 to congratulate students and staff on the video and share his thoughts about fitness and nutrition.
The prize money went toward cross country skis that are on order now, due at the school next fall, as part of the program's mission to get kids physically active one hour every day. Povolo has already implemented an ongoing "Fuel Up To Play 60" program with a fruit and veggie contest, a push up and sit up contest, a “PE class of the week” selection, and morning music to get kids up and out of their seats during the day's announcements.
The video produced great results for the school and its students. Here, Povolo and Kennedy explain how it got made:
POVOLO: I saw the Fuel Up To Play 60 "Make Your Move" contest this fall. I was very interested in entering the contest because it had a huge grand prize of $15,000 and that can purchase a lot of awesome physical education equipment for my students.
KENNEDY: It was pretty crazy. I remember we had only a week or two before the submission deadline, which in my realm is like trying to cook a frozen turkey in 10 minutes. 
POVOLO: Melanie Sutton (ASD), myself and Stephen got together for some creative brainstorming and came up with the creative slogan "Fuel Up To Play the Alaska Way" and that the (prize) money would be used to purchase cross country skis and snowshoes for our students at College Gate. … I talked about Alaska winters being dark, cold, and long, and that having skis and snowshoes would be a wonderful way to bring my physical education students outside into nature while exercising.
KENNEDY: I spent the entire school recess with Katie on the day of our recording. It's such a joy to get out and spend time with our students and staff, easily the best part of my job. We just got out there and exercised and played with all the students. It was an absolute blast! … Afterwards, I spent about eight hours putting it all together.  I had to crush about an hour of footage down to 60 seconds. That was my biggest challenge.
POVOLO: When Stephen finished the video and sent it to me I was elated. It turned out so fantastic! I submitted the entry in November and was notified on January 6th that we had won the grand prize of $15,000.
Check out all the Make Your Move contest winners and think about what you can do to inspire play in your school and community.