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Play Every Day Blog > Posts > It's what's on the inside that matters


May 07
It's what's on the inside that matters

The latest Play Every Day PSAtalks about how obesity effects children on the inside.   
Play every Day Blog
Some people focus on obesity because of how it looks on the outside. They consider it a cosmetic problem. But obesity is also a physical problem, and it impacts adults – and kids – from the inside out.
On the inside of the body, even in children, obesity leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the body working overtime to balance blood sugar and get enough oxygen. The burden of this extra work can lead to heart disease, diabetes and asthma in childhood and later in life.
Extra weight in kids further “puts strain on joints that can result in knee, hip, and back pain that keep kids from being active 60 minutes a day,” said Karol Fink, director of the Obesity Prevention and Control Program for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.
Yet an hour of physical activity a day is essential to our children’s health. That’s why Play Every Day produced a PSA to make Alaskans aware that it’s what’s on the inside that matters.
“Because of what is going on inside of our children’s bodies,” said Fink, “it is predicted that the current generation of children and youth will be diagnosed with chronic medical conditions earlier in life than the generations before.”
Fortunately we can fix this. Get out and play with your children, cut down on screen time, create family time around physical activity and healthy meals, and help build communities that make physical activity safe and easy for people of all ages.