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Hospital Reports

BVS is responsible for collecting and reporting public health information that is needed to help Alaskans live healthier lives.

These data are also used by policy makers, health professionals, community-based organizations, and researchers to help understand health trends, identify high risk populations (and geographic areas), set prevention priorities, and plan targeted health promotion strategies.

Data are distributed as statistical tabulations, Web pages and through printed reports, including the Alaska Division of Public Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Annual Report. We at the Bureau of Vital Statistics are proud of the effort put into capturing, analyzing and providing accurate data.

Maintaining and enhancing the quality of incoming data is essential to the Bureau's effort to report meaningful health information. The Bureau's data quality program ensures the continued regular improvement of the quality of its databases and registries to meet changing and expanding user requirements and expectations. This facilitates the production of relevant and credible data for analysis and reports.