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Healthy Alaskans 2010

Healthy Alaskans 2010 is a comprehensive set of state health objectives for the decade. A planning process involving participants from across the state worked together to develop a set of goals and select indicators and targets for those indicators. Healthy Alaskans is a public health document that is part strategic plan and will be used over the decade to track changes in the health status of Alaskans and serve as a framework for health policy development.

The overarching goals of Healthy Alaskans 2010 are to increase the quality and years of healthy life for all Alaskans and to eliminate health disparities.

Healthy Alaskans 2010 health objectives are organized into 3 broad categories and 26 problem specific chapters. The categories and chapters are:

Health Promotion

  • Chapter 1: Physical Activity
  • Chapter 2: Nutrition and Overweight
  • Chapter 3: Tobacco Use
  • Chapter 4: Substance Abuse
  • Chapter 5: Mental Health
  • Chapter 6: Educational and Community-based Programs
  • Chapter 7: Health Communication

Health Protection

  • Chapter 8: Injury Prevention
  • Chapter 9: Violence and Abuse Prevention
  • Chapter 10: Occupational Safety and Health
  • Chapter 11: Environmental Health
  • Chapter 12: Food Safety
  • Chapter 13: Oral Health
  • Chapter 14: Vision and Hearing

Preventive Services and Access to Health Care

  • Chapter 15: Access to Quality Health Care
  • Chapter 16: Maternal, Infant, and Child Health
  • Chapter 17: Family Planning
  • Chapter 18: Immunizations and Infectious Diseases
  • Chapter 19: HIV Infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Chapter 20: Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Chapter 21: Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Chapter 22: Cancer
  • Chapter 23: Diabetes
  • Chapter 24: Respiratory Diseases
  • Chapter 25: Disability and Secondary Conditions