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Neurodevelopmental Outreach Clinics

Neurodevelopmental screenings and diagnoses are delivered by Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Specialists from the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle and the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital.  These specialists offer screenings, evaluations, diagnoses, follow up referrals, recommendations for treatment and care, and information on early intervention and education programs, as needed. Sponsored by the State of Alaska, the providers and their teams travel annually to communities across Alaska. They are able to evaluate children from 12 months to 12 years old, and support local providers in meeting the developmental special health needs of infants and children in rural Alaska. 

The April and May Neurodevelopmental Outreach Clinics in Kotzebue, Nome, Ketchikan, and Fairbanks have been postponed​ due to COVID-19; please stay tuned for more information. 


For more information about state-sponsored Neurodevelopmental Outreach Clinics, please contact: 

Wahlira Tandjah, LMSW

Phone  907-264-6281
Fax      800-466-1538

Email  ​​​​​​