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Alaska’s Family Readiness Program: preparedness for families, communities, and kids 

As an Alaskan, you know how important it is to be prepared for hard weather, including snowstorms, floods, and extreme cold. But you may not have considered the impact of a large-scale disaster—such as an earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption—could have on our communities and our families.

Prepare now and keep your family safe. The material on this website is designed to help you:

Alaska’s Family Readiness Program is supported in part by grants from the CDC’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and State Disability & Health Program. We are housed within the Section of Women’s, Children’s, and Family Health and work closely with our partners in the Section of Emergency Programs.

The Section of Women’s, Children’s, and Family Health is dedicated to promoting women’s health throughout the lifespan. Our mission is to promote optimum health outcomes for all Alaskan women, children, teens, and their families.

For more information contact Laura Andersen at or dial (907) 269-3400 (Toll free: 1-800-799-7570).