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Quality Assurance Unit

In the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services (DSDS), the Quality Assurance Unit works to ensure the health and welfare of recipients through the monitoring and oversight of services to participants and their families. Unit staff conduct case record reviews, oversee critical incident reporting, review mortalities, conduct complaint investigations and monitor and report on data.

The Quality Assurance Unit strives to provide technical assistance as needed, deliver excellent customer service, and to collaborate with stakeholders and other DHSS agencies to meet our Division’s mission of promoting health, well-being and safety for individuals by facilitating access to quality services.

The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for the following activities:

  • Case Record Review of Medicaid Waiver Participants
  • Critical Incident Report Review, Investigations, Remediation and Reporting
  • Mortality Review, Investigations, and Reporting
  • Investigation of  participant related complaints and noncompliance
  • Critical Incident Report (CIR) Investigation as related to system compliance
  • Quality Monitoring Reporting for system improvement activities


Quality Assurance Unit Staff Contacts

Meg Sampson (Acting) – Unit Manager, Health Program Manager III, 269-3969
Manages and oversees all functions of the Service QA unit

James Drayton – Health Program Manager II,, 334-0889
Complaint intake, complaint investigations, technical assistance

Gail Kurth – Health Program Manager II,, 269-6778
Complaint intake lead, complaint investigations, technical assistance

Karen Engstrom– Medical Assistance Administrator I, 269-3658
Conducts case record reviews, complaint investigations, utilization review, monitors fair hearing outcomes, assists with critical incident report review

Jo Van Oort – Medical Assistance Administrator I, 269-4136
Conducts case record reviews, complaint intakes, and utilization review

Renee’ Rudd –Heath Program Manager I, 269-3686
Conducts critical incident report reviews, assigns for investigations, monitors compliance, develops quality monitoring reports

Louise Zeile – Nurse  III, 269-3690
Complaint investigations, critical incident and mortality reviews, SDS safety coordinator, case record reviews, quality monitoring reporting


  • Use the Tell Us About It link to give us positive or negative feedback about providers or services and to lodge formal complaints.

  • Use the following link to submit certification related emails, requests for PCA training waivers, variance application materials and any certification related questions:

The State of Alaska Division of Senior and Disabilities Services uses Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) for all Personal health information (PHI). As a provider of Medicaid and/or HCBW Services, you are expected to use DSM. Contact the Alaska eHealth Network (AeHN) at 1-866-966-9030 or email to request an account.