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General Relief Assisted Living Home (GRALH) Program

General Relief Assistance (GRA) provides for the most basic needs of many Alaskans without the personal resources to meet an emergent need and ineligible for assistance from other programs. GRA is designed to meet the immediate, basic needs of Alaskans facing extreme financial crisis and is a temporary funding source for assisted living home placement.

General Relief Program Information

Provider Information

Applicant Forms

Waitlist Information

A GR waitlist is currently not in effect.

Monthly GR Program Webinars

To transfer or email any form of communication using a consumer’s name and personal information, you must use Direct Secure Messaging (DSM). To sign up for DSM, please visit this website:

Once a provider is registered with DSM, we are able to utilize email to exchange protected health information(PHI). It is not HIPAA compliant to use your personal email server for the exchange of PHI using the email listed below.

*NOTE: You must be registered with DSM to use this email.


General Relief Staff Contacts:

John Sutton
General Relief Program Supervisor
Phone: 907.334.0888
Fax: 907.269.3648

Lisa LaBadie
Senior Services Technician

Brenda Martin
Senior Services Technician