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Community Developmental Disabilities
Grant Program


The Community DD Grant Program (CDDG) addresses the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities for Habilitation, which is the acquisition or maintenance of skills to live with independence and improved capacity, and reduces the need for long-term residential care. Services that a person with a developmental disability (DD) may receive from the Program vary depending upon the person's age and unique needs.

Services include supported employment, respite care, care coordination, day habilitation, case management, specialized equipment and Core Services. In some situations, the Program may provide residential care in a group living or independent living arrangement. For those who meet the diagnostic and income limits, the Home and Community Based Waiver Program may provide similar services. However, everyone having a developmental disability does not qualify for the Waiver Program. Additionally, everyone does not need the long-term residential care that the MRDD Waiver is designed to provide. CDDGs allow cost effective service to be provided that is tailored to meet the needs of individuals, particularly for those whose families are their primary care givers.

This program also funds CORE Services. Core Services are limited to $3,000 per person and offered to individuals on the Waitlist who receive no other services from the Division. Early availability of Core Services may alleviate crisis until individuals are in need of long-term care and are selected off of the Waiting List.


How do I apply for DD Services?

If you wish to apply for services you may:

  • Contact the nearest STAR (Short-Term Assistance and Referral) Program
  • Fill out the application packet on-line
  • Contact a Developmental Disabilities Agency in your area
  • Contact the regional office closest to your community

Once you have been notified that you or your family member is eligible, you will be able to fill out the on-line Registration and Review Form.


Laurie Cooper

Health Program Manager II
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Phone 465-3135
FAX 465-1170