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Extra Help with Prescription (Part D)

Anyone on Medicare can enroll in a Part D Prescription Plan.
Extra Help is a program that helps with your prescription drug plan costs.  If you qualify, you can enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription plan anytime, or change your current plan.

If you are on Medicaid, SSI, or get help from the Medicare Savings Program, you automatically qualify for Extra Help already and do not need to apply.

    ​Alaska 2020 Income Limits for Extra Help:

           $2,014/month (single) Individual  $2,714/month (couples)

    ​ Alaska 2020 Assets* Limits for Extra Help:

           $14,610 (single) ​$29,160 (couples)

     How do I apply for Extra Help​?

     Apply online at or call the Medicare Information Office at

The Medicare Savings Program (MSP)

Another program that helps with Medicare costs is the Medicare Savings Program. You must be
eligible for Medicare Part A (Hospital) to apply. This pays your Medicare Part B (Medical) premiums.

    ​Alaska 2020 Income Limits for MSP:

           $1,814 /month (single) $2,445/month (couples)

     Alaska 2020 Assets* Limits for MSP:

           $7,860 (single) ​$11,800 (couples)
    Income and Assets Limits can change each year.*

     How do I apply for MSP​?

     To get the application for services, contact your local State of Alaska, Public Assistance
     Office or go online.

    *Assets for Extra Help and MSP include your bank accounts and investment accounts.
    DO NOT count the home you live in or the car you drive.
    All income limits include a $20 monthly income disregard. 

    Alaska's Medicare Information Office can help you with either application 1-800-478-6065 or in Anchorage (907)269-3680.