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Counselor Training and Certification

Would you like to become a Medicare counselor? In order to become Certified as a Medicare Counselor we have a "Pathway to Certification" which includes taking and passing quizzes on the core Medicare topics you will be assisting people with. Webinars and self-study modules are available to help prepare you for certification. Follow the links below to get started.


    Medicare Information Office has weekly webinars,
    every Wednesday 1:00pm – 2:30pm, February 10-May 11

    To access recorded webinars and to register, please follow this LINK.

Pathway to Certification

    A Certified Medicare Counselor can help to assist people in their community with Medicare questions and enrollment. Get more information here: Pathway to Certification (pdf)
    To access the quizzes you have to log into
    You can register or call us for help and we will add you as a participant and send
    you log-in information.
    SHIP certification quiz instructions (pdf)

Self-study Modules

  Modules in PDF format

Additional Job Aids

Resources for Certified Medicare Counselors

Counseling Forms and Resources