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Division of Senior and Disabilities Services
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Nursing Facility Transition Program


The Nursing Facility Transition (NFT) program provides individuals currently in a nursing facility with the opportunity to return to community based living. This may be the individual’s own home or apartment or the home/apartment of family or friends. NFT may also help with finding housing or a supportive living environment.

NFT funds (up to $3500) can cover one-time funds for:

    1. Home or environmental modifications;
    2. Travel/room/board to bring caregivers in from a rural community to receive training;
    3. Trial trips to home or an assisted living home;
    4. Payment for an appropriate worker for skill level needed;
    5. Security deposits;
    6. One-time initial cleaning of home;
    7. Basic furnishings necessary to set up a livable home;
    8. Transportation to the new home.
    9. Other needed items or services may be approved by Program Coordinators

Program Eligibility

    1. 18 and over;
    2. Resides in a nursing facility or LTC facility for over 60 days;
    3. Desires to live in a setting outside of a nursing or LTC facility;
    4. Has identified a barrier to moving home;
    5. Needs assistance with ADL's or IADL's

Transition Process

    1. The individual, social worker, or friend makes a request to develop a Nursing Facility Transition plan in order to move home;
    2. The Nursing Home or LTC facility assists the individual in developing a transition plan, assists with completing the NFT Application, and submits to local Center for Independent Living (CIL);
    3. Authorizations for Release of Information (ROI’s) must be submitted with the application identifying all parties necessary to complete the transition.
    4. The CIL reviews the application and ensures there is a transition plan in place.
    5. The CIL NFT program makes purchases and assists the individual with accessing other home and community based services if needed.
    6. Individual moves home!!!

Contact your local Center for Independent Living for more information

  • Kenai Peninsula Independent Living Center 1-800-770-7911 (toll-free)
  • Access Alaska, (Anchorage, Mat-Su Western Alaska) 1-800-770-4488 (toll-free)
  • Access Alaska, (Fairbanks, Interior, Northern Regions) 1-800-770-7940 (toll-free)
  • S.A.I.L. Southeast Alaska ILC 1-800-478-7245 (toll-free)
  • Arctic Access, Kotzebue, Nome 1-877-442-2393 (toll-free)

Links to Forms Necessary to Complete the NFT Application

If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

    Lisa A. Morley
    State of Alaska - Health and Social Services
    Division of Senior and Disabilities Services
    Health Program Manager III - Grants Unit
    PO Box 110680
    Juneau, Alaska 99811-0680
    Phone: (907) 465-4996