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Nursing Facility Transition Program


The funds from the Nursing Facility Transition Program can be used to help an elderly person or individual with a disability transition from a nursing facility back into the community. We can provide one-time funds for:

  1. Home or environmental modifications;
  2. Travel/room/board to bring caregivers in from a rural community to receive training;
  3. Trial trips to home or an assisted living home;
  4. Payment for an appropriate worker for skill level needed;
  5. Security deposits;
  6. One-time initial cleaning of home;
  7. Basic furnishings necessary to set up a livable home;
  8. Transportation to the new home.
  9. Other needed items or services may be approved by Program Coordinators.

An eligible person is one who qualifies both medically and financially for the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waiver (HCBS) program. The grant is used only for one-time costs associated with the transition; thereafter, the Medicaid program will pay for all services when the HCBS waiver is approved.

Who Qualifies?

  1. Age 65 or older
  2. Age 21-65 with physical disability
  3. Want to be transitioned
  4. Services/supports available and in place for client to live in community
  5. Have, or anticipated to have, Medicaid Waiver eligibility within 6 months.

Initiating Service

Have your Care Coordinator contact us using the contact information at the bottom of the page, or contact one of the following agencies:

  • Alzheimer’s Resource Agency of AK 1-800-478-1080 or 907-561-3313
  • Kenai Peninsula Independent Living Center 1-800-770-7911 (toll-free)
  • Access Alaska, (Anchorage, Mat-Su Western Alaska) 1-800-770-4488 (toll-free)
  • Access Alaska, (Fairbanks, Interior, Northern Regions) 1-800-770-7940 (toll-free)
  • S.A.I.L. Southeast Alaska ILC 1-800-478-7245 (toll-free)
  • Arctic Access, Kotzebue, Nome 1-877-442-2393 (toll-free)

We will set up a meeting with you, your family member(s) and a Care Coordinator to develop a “transition plan.”

Next, the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services will conduct an assessment for Medicaid Waiver eligibility.

Your Care Coordinator will refine your “transition plan,” and you will choose a date to move home.

Then, move home!

Keep in mind that this entire process, depending on how many services must be set up to make your transition successful, may take 1 to 3 months.

Moli Atanoa, Nursing Facility Level of Care Unit Manager
550 West 8th St.
Anchorage, AK 99503