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Welcome to the Se​nior and Disabilities Services Training Class Descriptions,
Course Requirements and Registration page

How to use this page

Scroll down to read course descriptions, click the link for the webinar, PDF, or Calendar. Then select the link to register for the class you need. If you have questions about training email


Webinar-On-Demand and Quiz

Learn the requirements for Critical Incident Reporting to comply with Home and Community Based Waiver and Personal Care Services conditions of participation. This on-demand training is for agency program administrators and their designated training staff within agencies. This is a 35 minute video and quiz.  You must register for the webinar, view it online, and then complete the online quiz. Allow one hour for completing both.

*LINK Click here for the Critical Incident Reporting video and quiz

After you have viewed the video and completed the quiz, SDS will create a certificate of attendance in the first week of the flilowing month and email it to the address that you entered on your quiz. Make sure to enter your correct email address. If you have questions email

Getting Your Technology Ready For Harmony

A non-technical training to help you learn how to prepare yourself and your computer to use the Harmony Data System. Topics include resources to check your computer’s readiness, how to download the correct browser, how to use a browser to find a website when you have the exact web address, tips, common troubleshooting answers, resources and terms and definitions. Good for a new user or as a refresher. This is a 14 minute video.

Click here for the Getting Your Computer Ready for Harmony video

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Settings Webinar-On-Demand and Quiz

A training about the home and community based settings rules, what Program Administrators need to know and do, and how to request and complete the required self - assessment survey. This training is for Administrators or those applying to be administrators for the flilowing services: Supported Employment, Residential Habilitation: Group home, Residential Habilitation: Family Home Habilitation, Residential Habilitation: Supported Living, Congregate Meals, Adult Day Services, Day Habilitation, and Residential Supported Living.

Click here for the Settings video and quiz

Allow about 2 hours to watch the settings video and take the quiz. You must score 80 points or more on the quiz to get credit for this training. After you have viewed the video and taken the quiz, SDS training will confirm your score and completion of both. If you have questions email

How to Get and Use Direct Secure Messaging

All Senior & Disabilities Services Providers in Alaska are required to use the Direct Secure Messaging system to send and receive email messages with SDS, when the message contains private health information (PHI), and/or an attachment that contains PHI. This 16 minute video shows what direct secure messaging is, how to obtain it, and how to use it.

Click here for the video How to Get and Use Direct Secure Messaging

Intro to Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Certification

Review the General Provider Conditions of Participation to understand what’s required to become certified to provide services to SDS Home & Community Based Waiver recipients. For new provider applicants and those who have not yet applied for certification. Topics may include: Certification; Enrlilment, Home and Community Based Waiver Services overview, Personal Care Services overview, related regulations, and requirements.

Click for the Intro to Home and Community Based Services video

Adult Protective Services Mandatory Reporting Video

View Adult Protective Services’ Training video to learn about reporting requirements to help protect vulnerable adults. Provider administrators may also use optional training resources available here
This is a one hour video.

Click for the Adult Protective Services video

Instructor-Led Training

Personal Care Services (PCS) and Community First Choice (CFC) Agency Administrator/Applicant Training

REQUIRED of prospective administrators to apply for initial certification as a PCS Agency. This training is also required for PCS administrators who are new to an established agency. Topics may include: Service principles; Person Centered Service; Certification; Agency Based PCA vs. Consumer Directed PCA services; Application, Assessment & Renewal; Non-covered Services; Responsibilities as a provider; PCA in combination with HCB Waivers. The classes are offered as a webinar or in a classroom (see below). They are not a series.

Register for the Personal Care Services (PCS) and Community First Choice (CFC) Agency Administrator In-Person Classroom Training:

Choose a session

November 15 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, 550 W 8th Ave, Anchorage, room 143

December 11 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, 550 W 8th Ave, Anchorage, room 143

Personal Care Services Administrator Training, Train the Trainer: Community First Choice (CFC) Skill Building Training Webinar

Community First Choice is a new option for qualified Alaska Medicaid recipients. Currently certified PCS Administrators, join SDS training staff to learn about CFC services: Skill building, supervision and cueing, and helping recipients learn more about how to manage their own CFC/PCA worker. CFC will include the required training for staff who are helping individuals who want to learn independence skills. Training includes how to train staff at your agency and resources. This is a webinar consisting of 2 sessions.

November 1 and 2, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Habilitation Services and Goals for Habilitation Providers Webinar

For providers of habilitation services. Learn about habilitation services, their definitions and purpose. We will discuss how to develop objectives to help support goals. Rlies, responsibilities, and documentation. This class is a live facilitated webinar.
The webinars are not a series.

December 10, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Care Coordinator Training

Curious about becoming a Care Coordinator for the Alaska Medicaid Waivers and Long Term Services and Supports? If you want more information about becoming a certified Care Coordinator in Alaska, please review our Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning Care Coordinator Training

Required Core (Beginning) Care Coordination training for first time care coordinator applicants and those applying after having a lapsed certification. Complete the course series in order. Complete all classes and pass the exam within the last 12 months before you apply for care coordinator certification. Register for your choice of course and classes using the links below.

Choose one of the following three course options:

CCCORE Course Option 1

CCCORE Course Option 2

    Beginning Care Coordinator In-Person Academy Complete the series in order, 1 through 4

  • 1. Critical Incident Reporting Webinar-On-Demand
  • 2. CCCORE-AKTC Basic Concepts of Care Coordination, presented by The Alaska Training Cooperative
  • 3. CCCORE-ACADEMY Care Coordinator Academy – 4 day classroom training
  • 4. CCCORE-EXAM (score 80+) Given at Academy
  • This Academy is under development, please check this site for updates

CCCORE Course Option 3

Renewal Care Coordinator Training

Required training for currently certified care coordinators who are applying for renewal of certification.

Choose one of the following two course options:

CCRENEWAL Course Option 1:

CCRENEWAL Course Option 2:

CCRENEWAL Course Option 3:

    Renewal Care Coordinator Harmony Webinar Series Training

    This training series is in development – check this website often for updates

  • 1. CIR Webinar On-Demand (or for non-administrative care coordinators - complete CIR training within your agency)
  • 2. CCCORH-22 Webinar - Waiver Applications in Harmony
  • 3. CCCORH-23 Webinar - Support Plans in Harmony
  • 4. CCCORH-24 Webinar - Amendments, Reporting, Transfers in Harmony
  • 5. CCCORH-25 Webinar - Renewal Applications and Plans in Harmony
  • 6. CCCREN-EXAM Renewing care coordinator exam

Care Coordinator Continuing Education Hours

Optional training for currently certified care coordinators who need continuing education hours according to the Care Coordinator Conditions of Participation

SDS Harmony Data System Training

Introduction to the Harmony Data System for All Certified/Enrolled Personal Care Services Administrators and Care Coordinators

Required training for certified/enrolled PCS Administrators and administrative staff, and Care Coordinators only. Complete this training to learn the basics of the Harmony Data System website. This webinar will qualify you to apply to SDS for access to Harmony as a user and/or your agency’s Harmony Access Coordinator. Training is available only to certified and enrolled providers with an Alaska Medicaid billing number.

Choose a session

November 13, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

November 26, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

December 12, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Harmony Training for Care Coordinators

Harmony Data System topics for currently certified/enrolled Care Coordinators. Training will be offered in webinars, recordings and in-person classroom training.

This training series is in development – check this website often for updates 



The information contained in SDS trainings was current at the time it was written. It is not intended to be all inclusive, grant rights, impose obligations, or function as a stand-alone document. Although every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this document, the ultimate responsibility for compliance lies with the provider of services. The State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Senior and Disabilities Services employees and staff make no representation, warranty or guarantee that this compilation of information is error-free and/or comprehensive and will bear no responsibility or liability for the results or consequences of the use of this curriculum.

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