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Provider ID numbers - Enterprise Crosswalk

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DS3 medicaid code Enterprise alternate ID Provider - Person (DS3) Provider - Organization (DS3)
RL0015 1029951   168 LLC,  Senior Assistance & Assisted Living Home
PCG024 1584017   A Loving Care PCA
CMG073 1584754   A Loving Care PCA
HC0077 1584856   A Loving Care PCA
CMG126 1002441   A. Care Coordination
HC5354 1004846   AAA Alaska Cab Incorporated
HC0022 1004456   ABC Assisted Living
RL0055 1029966   ABC Assisted Living
CMG024 1570621   ABC Connections
RL0039 1572472   Above Care Assisted Living Home
RL0024 1571929   ABRA Assisted Living Home
PCG012 1571378   Absolute Care of Alaska
RL0045 1574767   Abuelita ALH, LLC
CMG009 1002392   Acacia Personal Care Services Anchorage
HC26821 1004630   Acacia Personal Care Services Anchorage
CMG056 1002418   Acacia Personal Care Services Mat-Su
HC2682 1004629   Acacia Personal Care Services Mat-Su
HC9550 1005119   Access Alaska, Inc.* - Anchorage
PCG955 1028290   Access Alaska, Inc.* - Anchorage
HC9551 1005120   Access Alaska, Inc.* - Fairbanks
PCG9551 1028291   Access Alaska, Inc.* - Fairbanks
HC95511 1005121   Access Alaska, Inc.* - Kenai
PCG9552 1028292   Access Alaska, Inc.* - Kenai
HC95512 1005122   Access Alaska, Inc.*- Mat-Su
PCG9553 1028293   Access Alaska, Inc.*- Mat-Su
EM37681 1004097   Accessible Solutions
RL0037 1573806   Adams Assisted Living Home
HC0047 1574219   Adams Assisted Living Home
HC52862 1004845   Adela Assisted Living Home, Inc.
RL52862 1030266   Adela Assisted Living Home, Inc.
CMG469 1002549   Adult Learning Programs of Alaska*
HC3469 1004684   Adult Learning Programs of Alaska*
RL0092 1571431   Advantage Senior Care LLC
RL4288 1030203   Aiding Angels Assisted Living Home
RL5555 1030284   AK Care, Comfort, and Company, Inc.
CMG125 1002440   Alaska Care Connections Inc.
CMG032 1571446   Alaska Care Coordination Services
CMG049 1576253   Alaska Community Care
PCG013 1028140   Alaska Home Care- Delta Junction
PCG086 1028153   Alaska Home Care, Inc
CMG543 1002577   Alaska Island Community Services*
HC9543 1005118   Alaska Island Community Services*
EM7066 1004134   Alaska Stairlift & Elevator, LLC
CMG316 1002498   Alaskan Comprehensive Care
RL9747 1030497   Alaskan Ruby Assisted Living Home, LLC
CMG9061 1002707   AlasKids
RL0116 1581610   Aldergrove Assisted Living
RL66201 1030333   All About Care II, Inc.
RL66202 1030334   All About Care III, Inc.
RL66203 1030335   All About Care IV, Inc.
RL6620 1030332   All About Care, Inc.
EM0032 1576222   All Aspects Construction,LLC
CMG767 1002671   Alliance Care
RL0118 1580873   Alpha-Omega Assisted Living Home
RL0892 1030017   ALPINE ALH
RL0101 1579374   Alyeska Assisted Living, LLC
HC0037 1571485   Alyeska Vocational Services
CMG065 1580048   Alyeska Vocational Services
CMG736 1002661   Alzheimer's  Disease Resource Agency of Alaska*
HC7736 1004998   Alzheimer's  Disease Resource Agency of Alaska*
PCG736 1028257   Alzheimer's  Disease Resource Agency of Alaska*
RL0018 1029954   Among Friends ALH, LLC
RL0128 1583249   Anchor ALH
RL7507 1030381   Anchor' Care Assisted Living Home
RL10581 1030028   Anchor House (Hallelujiah Corporation)
HC0066 1581192   Anchorage Adult Day Services LLC
RL0065 1029976   Anchorage Manor Home #1
RL0094 1577192   Anchored Abode Assisted Living Home LLC
RL16451 1030054   Aphrodite ALH I
RL16452 1030055   Aphrodite ALH II Inc.
PCG498 1028211   Arctic Care Services, LLC
HC0049 1574340   Arctic Care Services, LLC
HC85612 1005054   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #1
RL85612 1030435   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #1
HC85611 1005053   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #2
RL85611 1030434   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #2
HC85613 1005055   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #3
RL85613 1030436   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #3
HC85614 1005056   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #4
RL85614 1030437   Arctic Haven ALH, Inc. #4
RL0030 1573126   Ariana ALH, LLC
RL9260 1583523   Ark of Caring Living Assisted Home
CMG043 1575808   Ascension Care Coordination
CMG063 1581027   Aspen Personal Care Services
HC001ID 1579735   Aspire Human Services Inc
CMG696 1002653   Assets, Inc.*
HC6696 1004935   Assets, Inc.*
RL67411 1030343   Assist Adult Care Facility, LLC
HC0038 1571052   Assisted Living Transitions LLC
CMG412 1002528   AssistedCare Services, LLC
HC1876 1004564   AssistedCare Services, LLC
PCG679 1028247   AssistedCare Services, LLC
RL0040 1029960   Atlas Home Care Assisted Living Home II, Inc
RL6099 1030318   Atlas Home Care Assisted Living Home, Inc.
RL7325 1576239   Aurora Borealis Assisted Living, LLC
CMG589 1002602   Aurora Specialized Services, Inc.
RL8772 1030448   Avelina's Assisted Living Home 
RL87721 1030449   Avelina's Assisted Living Home II
RL9400 1030474   Bayview Terrace ALF (Sunset Devlp Co of Kodiak)
EM0024 1004060   Bear Alaska, LLC
RL2679 1030106   Bella Home Care, LLC.
RL9634 1030480   Best Care Assisted Living Home
RL6157 1030320   Best Care Assisted Living Home 2
EM0029 1574110   Bicknell, Inc
HC0040 1004470   Big Lake Country Club, LLC
CMG036 1571140   Big Lake Country Club, LLC
RL7770 1030391   Bjorge House
HC7257 1577031   Bjorge House
RL9752 1576839   Blessing ALH, LLC
HC0065 1581469   Blueberry Lodge Assisted Living Group Home LLC
HC0064 1578487   Bright Horizon Homes LLC
CMG473 1002552   Bristol Bay Native Assn.*
EM0123 1004063   Brothers and Sons
EM3963 1004100   Buena Vista Construction
RL9742 1577915   Bunny's Assisted Living, LLC
CMG911 1002708   C Care Services
HC7438 1004983   C Care Services
PCG291 1028186   C Care Services
RL0109 1580311   C Care Services LLC, ALH
CMG051 1576789   Care Advocates
CMG242 1002473   Care Connections
CMG044 1575889   Care Coordination and Social Work Professionals
CMG802 1002679   Care Core
CMG347 1002509   Care Plans, Inc.
RL0071 1029981   Carel Assisted Living Home
PCG378 1028199   CareNet, Inc
HC86661 1005066   Caring Bridges Assisted Living, Inc.
RL86661 1030444   Caring Bridges Assisted Living, Inc.
CMG319 1002500   Caring Companions, LLC
HC0319 1004493   Caring Companions, LLC
PCG319 1028195   Caring Companions, LLC
RL0021 1571026   Caring Hand in Hand ALH
RL0125 1583649   Caring Hand in Hand Soldotna
RL0086 1570570   Caring Hearts Assisted Living Home
RL0064 1029975   Caritas Assisted Living Home II Inc.
RL0017 1029953   Caritas Assisted Living Home, Inc
HC2660 1004622   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Angoon)*
HC2656 1004618   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Haines)*
HC2661 1004623   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Hoonah)*
HC2662 1004624   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Hydaburg)
HC2653 1004615   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Jnu)  Care A Van*
CMG651 1002633   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Jnu) Care Coord.*
HC2654 1004616   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Jnu) HCB svcs*
HC2663 1004625   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Kake)*
CMG652 1002634   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Ketchikan)*
HC2652 1004614   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Ketchikan)*
HC2659 1004621   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Klawock)
HC2658 1004620   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Sitka)*
HC2657 1004619   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Wrangell)*
HC2650 1004612   Catholic Community Services (CCS-Yakutat)
HC2666 1004628   Catholic Community Services* - Juneau Adult Day
HC3322 1004663   Catholic Social Services*
CMG838 1002690   Center For Community - Sitka *
HC6838 1004941   Center For Community - Sitka *
PCG838 1028264   Center For Community - Sitka *
HC6837 1004940   Center For Community dba Compass HomeCare- Juneau*
PCG8384 1028268   Center For Community dba Compass HomeCare- Juneau*
HC6839 1004942   Center For CommunityAnchorage-DBACompass Homecare
PCG8381 1028265   Center For CommunityAnchorage-DBACompass Homecare
HC7089 1004960   Center for Psychosocial Development
HC1598 1004549   Central Area Rural Transit System, Inc. (CARTS)
RL6005 1030315   Chadellynh Home LLC
CMG070 1583902   Choice Care Coordination
CMG066 1581831   Choice Care LLC
RL1749 1030058   Christian Assisted Living Home
CMG701 1002654   Christine Inc.
HC0067 1582306   Chrysalis Enterprises, Inc.
HC5987 1004891   Chugiak Senior Citizens Inc*
RL9259 1030461   Chugiak Senior Citizens Inc*
HC5154 1004831   Cindy and Vic's R and R
RL0027 1572365   Clearfield Assisted Living Home, LLC
RL3571 1030150   Clearview Haven Asst Living
RL0110 1581371   Colony House Inc.
HC9797 1005145   Colony Manor
RL9797 1030508   Colony Manor
RL97971 1030509   Colony Manor at Creekside
RL97972 1030510   Colony Manor at Village Park
RL0043 1574273   Comfort Assisted Living Home II
RL0042 1574042   Comfort Assisted Living III
HC2877 1004641   Comfort Keepers/Alaska Care Group Inc.
PCG287 1028185   Comfort Keepers/Alaska Care Group Inc.
CMG465 1002547   Community Care
CMG719 1002656   Community Connections - Ketchikan*
HC2719 1004632   Community Connections - Ketchikan*
PCG719 1028251   Community Connections - Ketchikan*
CMG7191 1002657   Community Connections-Craig
HC27191 1004633   Community Connections-Craig
PCG7191 1028252   Community Connections-Craig
HC0008 1004443   Community Inclusion Services
CMG060 1579515   Community Inclusion Services
CMG069 1582794   Compassionate & Effective Care, Inc.
CMG034 1571390   Connect Care
CMG028 1002409   Connecting Ties/Glennallen*
HC0086 1004483   Connecting Ties/Glennallen*
CMG801 1002678   Connecting Ties/Valdez
HC8801 1005076   Connecting Ties/Valdez
PCG801 1028261   Connecting Ties/Valdez
CMG007 1002390   Consumer Care Network, Inc. - Anchorage
HC03591 1004496   Consumer Care Network, Inc. - Anchorage
PCG179 1028168   Consumer Care Network, Inc. - Anchorage
CMG005 1002388   Consumer Care Network, Inc. - Kenai
HC03592 1004497   Consumer Care Network, Inc. - Kenai
PCG1791 1028169   Consumer Care Network, Inc. - Kenai
CMG317 1002499   Consumer Direct - Anchorage
HC0317 1004492   Consumer Direct - Anchorage
PCG317 1028191   Consumer Direct - Anchorage
CMG019 1002402   Consumer Direct-Kenai
HC0026 1004460   Consumer Direct-Kenai
PCG3172 1028193   Consumer Direct-Kenai
HC0057 1004475   Consumer Direct-Kodiak
PCG3173 1028194   Consumer Direct-Kodiak
CMG018 1002401   Consumer Direct-MatSu
HC0027 1004461   Consumer Direct-MatSu
PCG3171 1028192   Consumer Direct-MatSu
CMG482 1002558   Coordinated Care Planning
PCG973 1581941   Cornerstone Home Care - Ketchikan
HC0072 1583063   Cornerstone Home Care - Ketchikan
CMG059 1002421   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health) - Haines
HC0059 1004477   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health) - Haines
PCG017 1028142   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health) - Haines
PCG018 1028143   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health)- Klawock
CMG974 1002728   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health)-Juneau
HC0974 1004519   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health)-Juneau
PCG974 1028296   Cornerstone Home Care (formerly Health)-Juneau
CMG057 1002419   Cornerstone Home Care-Petersburg (formerly Health)
HC0060 1004478   Cornerstone Home Care-Petersburg (formerly Health)
PCG019 1028144   Cornerstone Home Care-Petersburg (formerly Health)
CMG957 1002723   Crossroads Counseling and Training SVCS*
HC5957 1004888   Crossroads Counseling and Training SVCS*
HC2394 1004589   Day Break* (Anc Community Mental Health Services)
RL0025 1572201   Day Spring ALH LLC
CMG1111 1002432   Deborra Fields LPC
CMG052 1578423   Discovery Care Coordination, LLC
CMG240 1002472   Divine Interventions
RL0046 1029962   Divine Mercy ALH (LLC)
RL0031 1572793   Divine Mercy II ALH, LLC
RL0085 1029994   Divine Promise
CMG039 1574104   Divine Showers
CMG556 1002583   DM Care Coordination
CMG038 1572889   Dragon Care Coordination
CMG022 1002406   Eagle Crest 
HC0032 1004466   Eagle Crest 
RL0107 1580367   Eagle's Wings, LLC.
HC1831 1004561   Easter Seals Alaska - Anchorage
PCG803 1028262   Easter Seals Alaska - Anchorage
RL3846 1030176   Easy Living Adult Care 
PCG224 1028176   Eben-Ezer Home Health, LLC
RL6006 1030316   Elaine Assisted Living Home (Esther Micua)
RL5938 1030313   Elaine's Place ALH
RL9749 1030499   Elder Care ALH, LLC
HC0063 1579997   Elderlink Adult Day Services, LLC
HC8290 1005033   Elena's Place I
RL8290 1030423   Elena's Place I
RL9660 1030482   Elita's Golden Home Care
PCG014 1571329   EM Care Alaska
PCG011 1571330   Executive Care, LLC
HC9768 1005143   Eye to Eye (owned by Flamingo Eye Care Agency)
RL9768 1030506   Eye to Eye (owned by Flamingo Eye Care Agency)
CMG525 1002570   Fairbanks Resource Agency*
HC5250 1004837   Fairbanks Resource Agency*
HC5251 1581247   Fairbanks Resource Agency-Senior Services
RL0035 1029959   Fancy Moose Assisted Living
RL0076 1029986   Fidelity Assisted Living Home
RL6601 1030331   Fine Pearle Assisted Living
HC9769 1031760   Flamingo House (owned by Flamingo Eye Care Agency)
CMG621 1002617   FOCUS, Inc.* (Family Outreach Center)
HC1621 1004553   FOCUS, Inc.* (Family Outreach Center)
HC3555 1004695   Forever Ready Services
RL4284 1030202   Forget Me Not Assisted Living Home
CMG861 1002695   Forget Me Not Care Coordination
CMG675 1002642   Frontier Community Services/Soldotna*
HC4675 1004803   Frontier Community Services/Soldotna*
CMG6751 1002643   Frontier Community Services/Valdez*
HC46751 1004804   Frontier Community Services/Valdez*
HC0019 1004453   Frontier Community Services-Adult Day Svcs*
HC6162 1004894   Genacta In Home Care-Anchorage
PCG6161 1028237   Genacta In Home Care-Anchorage
CMG054 1579029   Genacta In Home Care-Anchorage
PCG023 1028148   Genacta In Home Care-Wasilla
PCG009 1028139   Genacta In-Home Care - Soldotna
HC6161 1004893   Genacta Senior Living
RL6161 1030321   Genacta Senior Living
RL93481 1030467   Gloria's Golden Heart Assisted Living,LLC.
RL0117 1582313   Glorious Life ALH, LLC.
RL0100 1578001   Golden Agers Home Care, LLC
RL0111 1577215   Golden Friendship Assisted Living Home
HC73371 1004975   Golden Hearts Agency
CMG046 1575813   Golden Hearts Agency
RL2365 1030081   Golden Pond Assisted  Living
RL97502 1030502   Golden Years  I
HC0005 1004440   Good Faith Services, LLC
PCG394 1028200   Good Faith Services, LLC
CMG053 1578280   Good Faith Services, LLC
RL0333 1583502   Good Grace ALH II
RL0033 1573406   Good Grace Assisted Living Home LLC
HC82901 1005034   Good Samaritan ALH (formerly Elana's Place III)
RL82901 1030424   Good Samaritan ALH (formerly Elana's Place III)
PCG010 1570822   Good Samaritan Care Services
HC0048 1574738   Good Samaritan Care Services
CMG062 1580083   Good Samaritan Care Services
CMG016 1002399   Grace R, LLC
RL37045 1030168   Graceful Living Assisted Living Home I
RL0130 1584930   Grandma K's Place II
HC0071 1583067   Grannies Ride,LLC.
RL0129 1584201   Granny's Down Home Care Center
RL0114 1580807   Granny's Log Cabin,Inc. 
EM0031 1577804   GrayCo, LLC
EM4435 1004105   Greatland Handyman Services
HC6770 1004936   Greenwood Lodge Adult Day Care Services
RL6134 1030319   Guiding Light Assisted Living Home
EM0015 1004051   H & H Construction Company, Inc.   
RL0014 1029950   Haines Assisted Living, Inc. 
RL0074 1029984   Happy House Assisted Living Home
HC6259 1004898   Harbor Lights House Assisted Living, Inc.
RL6259 1030324   Harbor Lights House Assisted Living, Inc.
RL4070 1030188   Harbor View Manor
HC0078 1584755   Health Court Foods, Inc. 
RL0060 1029971   Heart of Alaska Homecare ALH
CMG654 1002635   Heartfelt Care LLC
HC9300 1583462   Hearts and Hands Adult Day Svcs, Inc.
CMG542 1002576   Hearts and Hands of Care, Inc.
HC3147 1004653   Hearts and Hands of Care, Inc.
PCG027 1584304   Hearts and Hands of Care, Inc.
PCG028 1584320   Hearts and Hands of Care, Inc. Wasilla
HC0073 1584763   Hearts and Hands of Care, Inc. Wasilla
RL97411 1030492   Heavenly Home Care
RL7681 1030389   Helping Hands ALH I, Inc
RL6416 1582371   Heritage Assisted Living Home,LLC. 
HC7110 1004962   Holy Family ALH II
RL7110 1030359   Holy Family ALH II
HC1397 1004539   Holy Family Assisted Living Home III
RL8472 1030432   Holy Family Assisted Living Home III
PCG374 1028198   Home Care For You (HC4U)
PCG002 1028133   Home Instead Senior Care
RL5648 1030293   Home of Love Assisted Living Home 
HC7789 1005004   Homer Senior Citizens Inc.* (Friendship Terrace) 
RL7789 1030393   Homer Senior Citizens Inc.* (Friendship Terrace) 
CMG107 1002430   Homewell Senior Care
HC3505 1004689   Homewell Senior Care
PCG908 1028285   Homewell Senior Care
RL9754 1030504   Hope Community Resources 34th ALH
CMG598 1002608   Hope Community Resources*/Anchorage
HC3654 1004708   Hope Community Resources*/Anchorage
CMG601 1002611   Hope Community Resources*/Barrow
HC3659 1004713   Hope Community Resources*/Barrow
PCG594 1028222   Hope Community Resources*/Barrow
CMG595 1002605   Hope Community Resources*/Dillingham
HC3655 1004709   Hope Community Resources*/Dillingham
CMG597 1002607   Hope Community Resources*/Juneau
HC3657 1004711   Hope Community Resources*/Juneau
PCG5944 1028226   Hope Community Resources*/Juneau
CMG603 1002613   Hope Community Resources*/Kenai
HC3660 1004714   Hope Community Resources*/Kenai
PCG5941 1028223   Hope Community Resources*/Kenai
CMG596 1002606   Hope Community Resources*/Kodiak
HC3656 1004710   Hope Community Resources*/Kodiak
CMG600 1002610   Hope Community Resources*/Mat-Su
HC3658 1004712   Hope Community Resources*/Mat-Su
RL0069 1029979   Hope Community Resources/Kodiak/Viewcrest
RL0131 1585175   Hope Haven Assisted Living, LLC
CMG012 1002395   Horizon Care Coordination
RL0007 1029943   House of Gold Assisted Living Home
RL23181 1030076   House of Shalom ALH, LLC
HC0681 1004511   Iluminada's Assisted Living Home
RL0681 1030008   Iluminada's Assisted Living Home
RL9696 1030487   Immaculate Concepcion Home
RL96961 1030488   Immaculate Concepcion Home II
CMG020 1002403   Immediate Care, Inc. - Anchorage
HC33631 1004669   Immediate Care, Inc. - Anchorage
PCG2021 1028172   Immediate Care, Inc. - Anchorage
CMG472 1002551   Immediate Care, Inc. - Fairbanks
HC33632 1004670   Immediate Care, Inc. - Fairbanks
PCG2031 1028173   Immediate Care, Inc. - Fairbanks
CMG048 1002416   Immediate Care, Inc. - Wasilla
HC3363 1004668   Immediate Care, Inc. - Wasilla
PCG201 1028170   Immediate Care, Inc. - Wasilla
CMG025 1570445   Independent Care Coordination, LLP
CMG068 1582798   Individuals First Care Coordination
EM6628 1004128   Interior Mobility Systems,LLC.
RL0047 1575773   Jade Assisted Living Home
RL65441 1581760   Jamiezon ALH II
RL6544 1030330   Jamiezon Assisted Living Home
RL0026 1029957   JC Faith Open Arms ALH II
HC0054 1578157   JC Faith Open Arms ALH II
HC0541 1583157   JC Faith Open Arms III
HC8787 1005075   Jenny's Home 
RL8787 1030450   Jenny's Home 
RL9755 1576063   JMR Manor
CMG061 1579041   Joan's Complete Care
CMG165 1002455   JV Care Coordination
EM0007 1004043   K2 Builders, Inc. 
HC0029 1004463   Kachemak Way Assisted Living
RL3539 1030147   Kachemak Way Assisted Living
RL0012 1029948   Kamalani Assisted Living Home
RL36261 1030156   Kat's Eldercare LLC
CMG077 1002425   Kayoktuk Care
RL5742 1030303   Keen Eye Care Assisted Living
RL0725 1584381   Keiki Home II Assisted Living Home
CMG027 1571181   Kenai Care Connection
HC1599 1004550   Kenai Senior Services/City of Kenai*
RL2213 1030072   Kiwi Assisted Living Home
RL0108 1580717   Kiwi Assisted Living Home III
RL0095 1029996   Kori's Assisted Living Home II
HC0085 1004482   Kori's Assisted Living, LLC
RL0079 1029989   Kori's Assisted Living, LLC
HC0013 1004448   Kostas Taxi Service
RL0070 1029980   Laima Assisted Living Home,LLC. 
RL7099 1030358   Lakeview Home I
RL57631 1030307   Lakeview Home II
RL57632 1030308   Lakeview Home III
PCG047 1028151   Last Frontier Assisted Lv'g
RL4244 1030198   Let Us Care Assisted Living Home
CMG2521 1002479   Life Enrichment Services
RL1599 1030051   Lighthouse Home Care 
RL0078 1029988   Lilley Lodge 1 LLC
RL0123 1583933   Linda's Place
RL6052 1030317   Little Genie Assisted Living Home
RL4143 1030193   Living Stone Home Care, LLC-Scenic View
RL0127 1584267   Living Stone Home Care, LLC-Scenic View II
RL3502 1030144   Living Stone Home Care, LLC-Skipper
CMG856 1002694   London's Care Agency
CMG055 1002417   Louisa's Legacy
RL0132 1580021   Loving Kindness; A Helping Hand
HC3392 1004673   Lynne's Home Care,LLC
RL3392 1030140   Lynne's Home Care,LLC
HC7772 1005003   MacInnes House 
RL7772 1030392   MacInnes House 
CMG278 1002489   Mad Dogs & Englishmen
RL0019 1029955   Maile Assisted Living Home
HC8609 1005059   Main Street Assisted Living, Inc. 
RL8609 1030440   Main Street Assisted Living, Inc. 
HC3547 1004694   Majestic View Assisted Living
RL35471 1030149   Majestic View Assisted Living
RL0029 1572311   Maletch's ALH
RL8127 1030410   Mama's Assisted Living Home
RL81271 1030411   Mama's II Assisted Living Home 
RL81272 1030412   Mama's III Assisted Living Home
RL81273 1030413   Mama's IV Assisted Living Home
CMG461 1002546   Maniilaq Association*- DD and Elder Services
HC1461 1004545   Maniilaq Association*- DD and Elder Services
EM3034 1004087   Maple Leaf Builders
RL7858 1030396   Maria Angelica ALH I
RL78581 1030397   Maria Angelica III  ALH
RL0082 1570479   Marie Langley Assisted Living Home
RL7256 1030364   Marlow Manor ALH
RL4396 1030206   Marrulut Eniit Assisted Living
CMG625 1002619   Mat-Su Activity and Respite Center
HC7625 1004992   Mat-Su Activity and Respite Center
CMG010 1002393   Mat-Su Care Coordination
HC4497 1004771   Mat-Su Community Transit (MASCOT)
CMG503 1002565   Mat-Su Senior Services*
HC7853 1005006   Mat-Su Senior Services*
CMG450 1002542   Mat-Su Services for Children & Adults*
HC7450 1004984   Mat-Su Services for Children & Adults*
HC5215 1004835   Maxim Healthcare Services,Inc.
PCG951 1028289   Maxim Healthcare Services,Inc.
EM7217 1004137   McAleese Construction, Inc
PCG025 1584220   McKinley Services
HC0070 1584240   McKinley Services
CMG071 1584243   McKinley Services
HC0039 1571505   Mid-Valley Seniors, Inc.*
EM0009 1004045   Milby Construction Services, Inc. 
HC7641 1004993   Morning Star Ranch
RL0122 1582049   Mount Sinai Assisted Living Home, LLC
RL5005 1030256   Mountain View ALH/City of Petersburg
HC0084 1570775   Mountain View ALH/City of Petersburg
HC6864 1004945   Mountainside Assisted Living Home
HC6367 1004907   Municipality of Anchorage (MV Public Trans)
HC0015 1004449   My Daughter and Me ALH  II
RL0053 1029964   My Daughter and Me ALH  II
HC0052 1004473   My Daughter and Me Assisted Living Home
RL0052 1029963   My Daughter and Me Assisted Living Home
RL1263 1030039   My Father's House Assisted Living Home, LLC
HC0068 1582070   My Horizon, LLC
HC0087 1004484   Nataliya's Care Services (Delta Junction)
HC0861 1004515   Nataliya's Care Services (Wasilla)
CMG026 1002408   Nettie's Care Coordination
RL3671 1030161   New Haven Home, Inc.
RL1572 1030050   Nightingale ALH LLC
CMG076 1002424   Nightingale Care Services
CMG943 1002720   Nikiski Senior Citizens Inc.*
HC4377 1004753   Nikiski Senior Citizens Inc.*
HC3828 1004729   Ninilchik Senior Citizens Inc
HC1142 1004527   Noah's Ark ALH II
EM0013 1004049   Nolan Construction
CMG4751 1002555   Nome Community Center Inc*
HC9475 1005112   Nome Community Center Inc*
HC7749 1005000   North Star Council On Aging, Inc*
HC0041 1571564   Northbridge, LLC.(Westcare-Belmont)
CMG042 1575477   Northbridge, LLC.(Westcare-Belmont)
RL25031 1030092   Northern Comfort
HC0016 1004450   Northern Lighthouse Day Center
RL4643 1030226   Northern Lights ALH
RL5257 1030259   Northern Living Centers, LLC
HC0197 1583177   Northward Business Systems, LLC
CMG414 1002529   Norton Sound Health Corporation*
HC4141 1004744   Norton Sound Health Corporation*
RL0075 1029985   NuStart Assisted Living Home
RL9002 1030456   Olsen's Assisted Living Home
HC5601 1004863   Olympus House, Inc.
RL5601 1030287   Olympus House, Inc.
HC66441 1004923   Orutsararmiut Native Council
RL7613 1030386   Our Home
RL3719 1030169   Our House II
RL4771 1030235   Our House on the Lake, LLC
RL7327 1576979   Our Lady of Fatima LLC
RL3014 1030120   Our Lady of Grace Home
RL47962 1030237   Our Lady of Guadalupe ALH
RL47963 1030238   Our Lady of Guadalupe ALH ll
HC8211 1005027   Our Lady of Guadalupe ALH lll
RL47964 1030239   Our Lady of Guadalupe ALH lll
HC9894 1576890   Our Lady of Lourdes, LLC.
RL0048 1577242   Our Lady of Lourdes, LLC.
RL7895 1030401   Pal's Palace Assisted Living
HC5592 1004862   Pathways LLC (NEW)
RL0105 1579887   Pathways LLC (NEW)
RL9751 1576658   Pioneer Extended Care Center (dba Family Ink)
RL11853 1030035   Pioneer Home-Anchorage
RL11852 1030034   Pioneer Home-Fairbanks
RL11854 1030036   Pioneer Home-Juneau
RL11855 1030037   Pioneer Home-Ketchikan
RL1185 1030032   Pioneer Home-Palmer/Veterans Home
RL11851 1030033   Pioneer Home-Sitka
CMG517 1002568   Possibilities, LLC.
PCG029 1582340   Prime Care Inc Mat-Su Valley
HC0002 1004437   Prime Care,Inc.
PCG134 1028155   Prime Care,Inc.
PCG015 1028141   Priority Healthcare, LLC. 
RL0041 1574028   Prosperity Home Services
HC4835 1004814   Providence Horizon House
RL4835 1030242   Providence Horizon House
RL48351 1030243   Providence Horizon House-The Cottages
CMG566 1002587   Quality Care Coordination
HC0053 1576564   QuickRide LLC
CMG030 1571068   Qutekcak Native Tribe
HC0081 1004479   Rabe Assisted Living Home, LLC
RL0081 1029991   Rabe Assisted Living Home, LLC
RL7324 1030367   Randel Home Care I
RL73242 1030369   Randel Home Care II
RL73241 1030368   Randel Home Care III
CMG1271 1002443   REACH, Inc.*-Haines
HC71271 1004964   REACH, Inc.*-Haines
CMG127 1002442   REACH, Inc.*-Juneau
HC7127 1004963   REACH, Inc.*-Juneau
CMG576 1002596   Ready Care (ResCare) - Anch
HC9576 1005125   Ready Care (ResCare) - Anch
PCG839C 1028281   Ready Care (ResCare) - Anch
CMG577 1002597   Ready Care (ResCare) - Fairbanks
HC5959 1004889   Ready Care (ResCare) - Fairbanks
PCG839B 1028280   Ready Care (ResCare) - Fairbanks
CMG638 1002627   Ready Care (ResCare) - Homer
HC4652 1004794   Ready Care (ResCare) - Homer
PCG6002 1028230   Ready Care (ResCare) - Homer
CMG575 1002595   Ready Care (ResCare) - Wasilla
HC9933 1005148   Ready Care (ResCare) - Wasilla
PCG600 1028228   Ready Care (ResCare) - Wasilla
CMG632 1002621   Ready Care (ResCare)-Soldotna
HC4650 1004792   Ready Care (ResCare)-Soldotna
PCG6003 1028231   Ready Care (ResCare)-Soldotna
RL7326 1030370   Ready Care- Sunrise Mountain ALH #2
RL9753 1030503   Ready Care-Sunrise Mtn ALH #1
RL46501 1030228   ReadyCare- Soldotna's Best ALH I (formerly II)
RL4650 1030227   ReadyCare Soldotna's Best ALH II (formerly I)
EM0026 1004062   Re-Bath
CMG014 1002397   Red Mountain Care Coordination
RL3470 1030143   Red Oaks Assisted  Living Home
HC0020 1004454   Redi Rides of Alaska
HC0018 1004452   Reliance Care, Inc.
PCG894 1028284   Reliance Care, Inc.
HC4457 1004759   Rendezvous Senior Day Services*
HC0030 1004464   ResCare HomeCare (Anch)
PCG007 1028138   ResCare HomeCare (Anch)
PCG021 1028146   ResCare HomeCare (Dillingham)
HC0025 1004459   ResCare HomeCare (Frbks)
PCG006 1028137   ResCare HomeCare (Frbks)
HC0075 1583132   ResCare HomeCare (Homer)
PCG022 1028147   ResCare HomeCare (Nome)
HC0074 1583130   ResCare HomeCare (Soldotna)
HC0076 1583134   ResCare HomeCare (Wasilla)
HC173WA 1576267   ResCare Washington dba ResCare HomeCare
RL6666 1583217   RJP Home Care Services
RL0062 1029973   Rockingham Assisted Living Home II
EM0030 1576845   Rodger Kimbrell Construction
RL0038 1573109   Romana II Assisted Living Home, LLC
RL54651 1030280   Roxanne's Assisted Living Home
HC4483 1004762   Sacred Heart Care Center
RL4482 1030212   Sacred Heart Care Center
RL0120 1582605   Saint Timothy Home LLC I
RL0121 1582608   Saint Timothy Home LLC II
RL0119 1582526   Saint Timothy Home LLC III
HC1133 1004526   Salvation Army/Older Alaskans
HC9508 1005116   Salvation Army/Serendipity Adult Day Ser*
RL0969 1030019   SANCTUARY ALH I
RL4054 1030186   Santo Nino Assisted Living Home
RL0006 1029942   SeaView Community services Assisted Living Home
CMG803 1002680   SeaView Community Services*
HC3803 1004728   SeaView Community Services*
RL0006 1029942   SeaView Community Services*
CMG249 1002476   Senior Citizens of Kodiak Inc*
HC8249 1005030   Senior Citizens of Kodiak Inc*
HC2425 1004592   Seward Senior Citizens, Inc. 
HC0061 1578298   Shangri-La Ranch
RL1916 1030061   Sheyla's Place 
CMG078 1584067   Side by Side Care Coordination
CMG679 1002646   Smart Care, LLC
RL9756 1578808   Snow Circle ALH, LLC
HC6416 1004910   Soldotna Area Senior Citizens*
CMG287 1002490   Sound Alternatives*
HC2871 1004640   Sound Alternatives*
HC0023 1004457   Sound View Assisted Living
RL2626 1030102   Sound View Assisted Living
CMG562 1002586   South Peninsula Behavioral Health Svcs*
HC2562 1004605   South Peninsula Behavioral Health Svcs*
CMG799 1002677   South Peninsula Hosp/Comm Health Svcs*
HC2563 1004606   South Peninsula Hosp/Comm Health Svcs*
CMG920 1002717   Southcentral Foundation/Care Coord.
HC3483 1004687   Southcentral Foundation/Elder Program
CMG549 1002579   Southeast Alaska Care Coordination
RL1940 1030063   Southern Living ALH, Ltd
HC9012 1004532   St. Anne Assisted Living Home
RL12713 1030044   St. Anne Assisted Living Home
RL12714 1030045   St. Anne Assisted Living Home II
HC9705 1005137   St. Francis Assisted Living Home
RL9705 1030489   St. Francis Assisted Living Home
RL73432 1030374   St. Lawrence Assisted Living Home I
HC5956 1004887   St. Lawrence Assisted Living Home II
RL73433 1030375   St. Lawrence Assisted Living Home II
RL73434 1030376   St. Lawrence Assisted Living Home III
RL0113 1581659   St. Lawrence Assisted Living Home IV
RL0112 1581658   St. Lawrence Assisted Living Home V
RL5679 1030295   St. Mary's Assisted Living Home
RL56791 1030296   St. Mary's Assisted Living Home #2 
RL0103 1029999   St. Paul Home Care Services
RL5298 1030267   St. Thomas ALH
RL52981 1030268   St. Thomas II ALH
CMG587 1002601   Stacy @ Your Side
CMG045 1002414   Starfish Cares, LLC
HC3445 1004681   Sterling Area Senior Citizens,Inc.
EM0028 1572726   Stronghold Construction
HC8560 1005051   Sue's Sourdough Assisted Living
RL3740 1030172   Sue's Sourdough Assisted Living
EM4013 1004102   Sunrise Construction
RL0249 1030003   Sunrise House
RL0250 1581910   Sunrise House II
RL6741 1030342   Sunset Haven ALH
RL0099 1029997   Sunshine Assisted Living Home II, LLC
RL0068 1029978   Sunshine Assisted Living Home,LLC
CMG3761 1002520   Sunshine Community Health Center
HC0058 1004476   Sunshine Community Health Center
HC97671 1005142   Supreme Home, LLC
RL9767 1030505   Supreme Home, LLC
CMG035 1572093   Su-Valley Care Coordination
HC0044 1574103   Symphony Homes and Services-Harmony House
CMG438 1002538   Tanana Chiefs Conference - Community DD Program
HC2438 1004594   Tanana Chiefs Conference - Community DD Program
CMG190 1002463   Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc.*(Senior Services)
HC1919 1004566   Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc.*(Senior Services)
PCG005 1028136   Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc.*(Senior Services)
RL8661 1030442   Tanana Regional Elders Residence
RL5635 1030290   Tender Loving Care ALH
CMG571 1002592   The Arc of Anchorage*
HC8571 1005058   The Arc of Anchorage*
RL2704 1030107   The Ark of Emmanuel
RL0028 1029958   The Ark of Emmanuel II ALH 
RL0605 1030007   The Good Shepherd Assisted Living Home
HC0001 1004436   The Homestead Assisted Living, LLC
RL7170 1030360   The Homestead Assisted Living, LLC
RL0133 1583411   The Jagne's III
RL0126 1583526   The Manor,LLC.
RL5743 1030304   TLC Assisted Living Home
EM4273 1004104   Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority
RL9743 1030493   Tranquility Manor Estates
HC8626 1005061   Transcare Medical Services, Inc.
CMG809 1002681   Trinion Quality Care Services
HC1071 1004523   Trinion Quality Care Services
PCG303 1028187   Trinion Quality Care Services
CMG374 1002518   Trinity Care Coordination
CMG274 1002487   Triple C
HC0024 1004458   True Love Assisted Living Home
RL0056 1029967   True Love Assisted Living Home
HC0034 1004468   True Love Too Assisted Living Home
RL0020 1029956   True Love Too Assisted Living Home
RL1025 1030026   Twin Hearts Assisted Living for Elderly
RL0034 1573592   Two Sisters Assisted Living Home
PCG004 1028135   U-Care Services, LLC
EM6400 1004126   Under the Son Enterprises, Inc. 
CMG796 1002676   Upper Su Valley Care Coordination
RL0115 1581383   UR Precious Assisted Living Home, LLC
HC0580 1004506   V. Baker Personal Homecare
CMG008 1002391   Valdez Senior Citizens Center,Inc.*
HC8525 1005047   Valdez Senior Citizens Center,Inc.*
PCG525 1028216   Valdez Senior Citizens Center,Inc.*
CMG149 1002452   Valley Care Coordination
HC3032 1580983   Valley Mover
RL0058 1029969   Valleywood Assisted Living Home, LLC.
RL0032 1570610   Vivian's House Assisted Living Home
HC6624 1004919   Vladi & Associates LLC
PCG508 1028213   Vladi & Associates LLC
HC2770 1004637   Wasilla Area Seniors Inc.*
HC0012 1004447   Wasilla Retirement, LLC (Primrose Retirement Comm)
RL0010 1029946   Wasilla Retirement, LLC (Primrose Retirement Comm)
HC5607 1004864   Wickersham House, LLC
RL5607 1030288   Wickersham House, LLC
HC3757 1004725   Wild Iris Comfort Care
RL3757 1030174   Wild Iris Comfort Care
PCG003 1028134   Willow Personal Care Assistants, LLC
CMG4421 1002540   Wise Care, LLC
HC0050 1574475   Wolverine Academy
RL0022 1571131   Yosef Family Home
RL0124 1583419   Your Home Now ALH
RL0036 1572403   Yukon Koyukuk Elders Assisted Living Facility
CMG033 1002412   Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation- Elder Services
HC0036 1004469   Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation- Elder Services
PCG414 1028202   Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation- Elder Services
CMG141 1002447   Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation*-DD Services
HC1414 1004541   Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation*-DD Services
HC1414 1004541   Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation*-DD Services
CM3693 1577109 Adelina Esco  
CM0279 1578253 Agnes Roland  
CM0275 1578150 Aisling Killian  
CM9767 1002368 Ajoke Kolawoie  
CM3751 1001479 Al Pioner  
CM5856 1001853 Alexandr(RN) London  
CM4126 1001534 Alexandria Miles  
CM9478 1581776 Alexis Garner  
CM0162 1001028 Alison O'Donnell  
CM0218 1573201 Allison Samuelson  
CM0084 1000954 Allyn Lawrence  
CM3907 1001507 Amanda Faulkner  
CM2668 1001326 Amanda Race  
CM0118 1000987 Amarachi Walker  
CM0030 1000902 Amber Bartz  
CM9480 1581390 Amber Dade  
CM0081 1000951 Amber Halsey  
CM0314 1580507 Amber Maughan  
CM0348 1583352 Amy Young  
CM8777 1002220 Analisa Selden  
CM0248 1575887 Angela Day (formerly Taylor)  
CM2516 1001287 Angela McArdle  
CM0298 1579186 Angela Wakely  
CM0042 1000914 Ann Arrisi  
CM0027 1000899 Annett Brookshire  
CM0027 1000899 Annett Brookshire  
CM7418 1002062 Antoinette (Toni) Mallott  
CM0041 1000913 Arlene Jasky  
CM0059 1000931 Audra Hedman  
CM6608 1001921 Audra Hunt  
CM0085 1000955 Audrey Ward  
CM0289 1579123 Barbara Jewell  
CM6108 1001875 Barbara Nath  
CM0313 1581143 Baykham Keodouangdy  
CM0052 1000924 Belinda Baldwin  
CM9526 1002336 Benjamin Ritch-Smith  
CM0058 1000930 Bernice Metcalf  
CM0319 1582195 Bethany Carpenter  
CM5810 1001850 Brandy Barnes  
CM9275 1002252 Bree Swanson  
CM0256 1576722 Bridgett Hites  
CM0236 1574607 Britney Rankin  
CM0139 1001008 Brooke Reynolds  
CM0259 1575855 Carl Ekstrom  
CM0237 1574936 Carol Jackson  
CM40981 1001527 Carol Shuler  
CM9484 1581300 Carolyn Lopez  
CM0324 1584125 Carolynn June Smith  
CM0303 1579863 Carrie Cramer  
CM4008 1001519 Carrie Lorensen  
CM29031 1001391 Chadene Krome  
CM9604 1584144 Charilyn bringas  
CM0110 1000979 Charlotte Walter  
CM5367 1001740 Cheri Golden  
CM0221 1573631 Cheryl Howdyshell  
CM72781 1002043 Chris Mossholder  
CM9886 1002376 Christine (Christy) D. MSW Long  
CM9442 1002298 Christine Carsten (formerlyChapman)  
CM0163 1001029 Christine Davison  
CM9701 1002360 Christine M. Culliton  
CM9465 1002320 Chuck Wright  
CM6431 1001899 Claudia C. Eaves  
CM4586 1001615 Colleen Frommer  
CM2664 1001322 Cynthia (Cyndi) Nation  
CM0101 1000970 Cynthia Farrens  
CM5622 1001771 Cynthia Fernandez  
CM0325 1583582 Danielle Tomkinson  
CM56191 1001770 Danny Kilanowski  
CM0257 1576571 David Elmore  
CM0318 1577832 David Hull  
CM0169 1570991 David Nolta  
CM9487 1583357 Dawn Frizzell  
CM4240 1001543 Deborah Sellers (formerly Ekwo)  
CM9461 1002316 Deborah Vause  
CM11151 1001081 Deborra Fields  
CM0321 1580381 Debra Hunt  
CM1228 1001095 Dee Dee (ABC Connections) Borodychuk  
CM0294 1579463 Denise Johnson  
CM5005 1001674 Denise Shelton  
CM7936 1002142 Dennis Walker  
CM14941 1001148 Desiree Ortega  
CM57321 1001812 Diana Bement  
CM4026 1001522 Diana Miller  
CM0075 1000945 Dianne Bordelon  
CM0223 1573384 Dina Byuller  
CM0192 1571302 Dion Batres  
CM0013 1000887 Dixie Amidon  
CM9556 1002346 Donald Henry  
CM7337 1002053 Donna Hayes  
CM4321 1001563 Dwayne Hanson  
CM9479 1582089 Ed Blocker  
CM23741 1001257 Eddy Astoji  
CM0119 1000988 Eileen Hosey  
CM0249 1576018 Elisa Tornberg  
CM0066 1000937 Elisa Winchester  
CM0107 1000976 Elizabeth (Liz) Smith  
CM0315 1581014 Elizabeth Brummett  
CM1421 1001140 Elizabeth Lee  
CM0226 1574159 Elizabeth Roth  
CM9482 1583255 Erin Henderson  
CM0304 1580121 Erin Leslie  
CM0017 1000891 Erin Roberts  
CM7470 1002065 Eugenia Bender  
CM2434 1001264 Eva Dunning  
CM0199 1572104 Frances Walker  
CM0263 1577276 Froukje Leegstra  
CM0292 1580060 Gabriela Harbison  
CM0120 1000989 Gena Coleman  
CM0016 1000890 Georgiana Ross  
CM0109 1000978 Ginger Ray  
CM7085 1002009 Gisselle De La Cruz  
CM0252 1576363 Glen Fazakerley  
CM9488 1584338 Griselda Perez-Polanco  
CM3993 1001516 Heather Allio  
CM0278 1577954 Heather Hanscom  
CM0214 1573107 Heather Vallee  
CM0072 1000942 Heidi Young  
CM6122 1001879 Henrietta Emokidi  
CM0308 1580091 Hermann (Tuna) Scanlan  
CM0290 1579530 Holly Hunter  
CM0086 1000956 Holly Scott  
CM0322 1581951 Irene Pipkin  
CM0206 1572826 Iris Santur  
CM8260 1002160 Ivette Hobson  
CM9476 1581842 Jacquelyn Culliton  
CM0007 1000881 Jacquelyn McArthur  
CM2687 1001328 James Mallery  
CM5076 1001679 Jane Finley  
CM5237 1001726 Jane Haiar  
CM0316 1581092 Jane Preston  
CM9483 1583044 Janell Weller  
CM0012 1000886 Janet Bourne  
CM0675 1001064 Janice (Jan) Justice  
CM0194 1570520 Jeanne Gerhardt-Cyrus  
CM7472 1002066 Jeanne Moore Kettell  
CM9997 1580753 Jenna Farrally  
CM9704 1578556 Jeran Marchbanks  
CM0190 1571290 Jeremy Grube  
CM0287 1579031 Jerry Isolokwu  
CM16581 1001175 Jesse Vizcocho  
CM0197 1572590 jessica drury  
CM0253 1576550 Jessica Heiller  
CM0164 1570815 Jill Vienup  
CM0105 1000974 Jim Trombley  
CM0277 1578251 Jin Kim  
CM6646 1001925 Joan Heikens  
CM4508 1001593 Joan Narsavich  
CM44221 1001575 JoAnn Wise  
CM0323 1582201 John Brown  
CM3757 1001483 John Kamauoha  
CM9447 1002303 Jonathon Vollen  
CM0636 1001062 Joyce Ulofoshio (nee Astoji)  
CM8547 1002204 Juan San Miguel  
CM5272 1001733 Juanita Elliott  
CM5875 1001856 Julia Lowe  
CM0191 1571389 Julie Patty  
CM0280 1578266 Julie White  
CM0148 1001017 Karen Kreiser  
CM2517 1001288 Karen Kuhnert  
CM86161 1002208 Karen Pudge  
CM9871 1002375 Karla Evarts  
CM1251 1001104 Kate Hanson  
CM0011 1000885 Kate Stone  
CM2701 1001332 Kate Wolfe  
CM78381 1002126 Kathleen Boulette  
CM0045 1000917 Kathleen Conley  
CM45401 1001603 Kathleen Roberts  
CM0347 1001045 Kathy Huskey  
CM0204 1572583 Kay Papakristo  
CM0301 1579269 KD McGovern  
CM7999 1002150 Keirsten M Smart  
CM0205 1572906 Keith Fleming  
CM0296 1579591 Keri Smith  
CM4068 1001524 Kimberly Bieber  
CM4068 1001524 Kimberly Bieber  
CM0202 1571896 Kimmie Smith  
CM5542 1001759 Kisha Smaw  
CM6143 1001882 Kris Johnston  
CM9120 1002241 Kristen Nilsson  
CM0312 1581212 Kristina Lee  
CM1085 1001079 L. Roxanna Petticrew  
CM66651 1001930 Lane Beauchamp  
CM7484 1002077 Laura Newton  
CM0286 1578764 Laura Newton  
CM7625 1002102 Laura Sasseen  
CM0299 1579883 Lauren Hodson  
CM0238 1574944 Lee Anne Crafton  
CM0170 1001032 Leigh Smith-Cloonan  
CM0307 1580233 Lester Jacques  
CM0178 1571099 Liam Salter  
CM4977 1001672 Liesel Weiland  
CM74821 1002075 Linda Giani  
CM9150 1002244 Linda Gonzales  
CM0796 1001069 Linda Horstmann  
CM0057 1000929 Linda Price-Albers  
CM5017 1001675 Linda Wagner  
CM0122 1000991 Linsley Heiser  
CM0142 1001011 Lisa Greenleaf  
CM0018 1000892 Lisa Hamilton  
CM0240 1575405 Lisa Weekley  
CM0219 1573583 Liviu Verziu  
CM0051 1000923 Lizaldy Pino  
CM54521 1001751 Lois Salontai  
CM0268 1576693 Louise Conwell  
CM1475 1001145 Lourdette D Neuburg  
CM0089 1000959 Lydia Milligrock  
CM0155 1570491 Lynda Plettner  
CM6677 1001931 Lynette Phillips  
CM3821 1001493 Lynne Stevens  
CM5588 1001765 Lynnette Haas  
CM5053 1001678 Maggie Simons  
CM0225 1574094 Maimuna Holness  
CM4830 1001658 Margaret Hillebrand  
CM7309 1002047 Margaret(Meg) Smith  
CM8966 1002233 Marguerite Bowers  
CM6433 1001901 Maria Johnson  
CM0258 1576872 Mariah Johnson  
CM4755 1001653 Mariann Gumaer  
CM1823 1001203 Marianne Mills  
CM9200 1002249 Marilyn Gonzalez  
CM0062 1000934 Marilyn Kouzena-Irelan  
CM3160 1001409 Marion Brown  
CM5888 1001858 Marita Kaplan  
CM0146 1001015 Martin Morris  
CM5261 1001732 Mary Beth Westland  
CM0024 1000897 Mary Heiman  
CM0305 1580432 Mary Jones-Lewis  
CM7045 1002004 Mary McNeel-Diehl  
CM52571 1001731 Mary Stark  
CM0121 1000990 Megan Gould-Rasmussen  
CM0244 1575656 Megan LaCross  
CM9304 1002253 Megan Litster  
CM9974 1578866 Megan Smith  
CM7517 1002096 Megan Wilts  
CM0174 1001034 Meghan Heim  
CM1790 1001189 Melanie Speaks  
CM1975 1001216 Melenee Blalock  
CM9822 1002370 Melissa Kline  
CM4510 1001595 Melissa Muldoon  
CM9507 1583874 Melissa Showers  
CM3818 1001491 Merrie Zucconi  
CM9503 1002332 Michael Honner  
CM7180 1002018 Michael Kinerk  
CM0288 1579170 Michael Lawler  
CM0242 1575271 Michael Oliver  
CM9477 1579194 Michel Moandal  
CM0103 1000972 Michelle McManus  
CM9506 1584378 Michelle Rountree  
CM9489 1584283 Michelle Ziemer  
CM0246 1575633 Minnie Fritts  
CM3962 1001510 Minnie Steven  
CM0254 1576160 Miranda Turnbull  
CM6077 1001870 Nancy Farrington  
CM0295 1579489 Nancy Koval  (Care Coordinator)  
CM5599 1001767 Nancy Lennon  
CM0291 1579518 Nancy Wells  
CM0306 1579867 Natalia Levchenko  
CM0129 1000998 Nicole Egholm  
CM0179 1571072 Nicole Pomrenke  
CM0114 1000983 Nicole Skube  
CM6316 1001894 Nikki Maydwell  
CM1876 1001207 Olaide Wolfe  
CM0297 1579474 Olga (Care Coordinator) Tanner  
CM0227 1572547 Pamela Phipps  
CM0056 1000928 Pat Keyser  
CM0069 1000940 Patricia Duncan  
CM0135 1001004 Patricia Gardner  
CM9481 1582019 Patricia Garris-Shoemaker  
CM54531 1001752 Patricia Lange  
CM1258 1001105 Patricia Stringer  
CM4279 1001550 Patrick Cahill  
CM0113 1000982 Patti Davis  
CM6089 1001872 Paul Jacks  
CM0717 1001066 Pauline Kariuki  
CM37041 1001460 Peggy Ellen Kleinleder  
CM4877 1001660 Phillip Tucker  
CM0048 1000920 Phyliss Allmond  
CM0002 1000876 Rachael Burkhart  
CM0173 1570853 Rebecca Pietsch  
CM0210 1572463 Regina Boughton  
CM0282 1578290 Renee Allan Francisco  
CM9486 1583876 Renee Naylor  
CM0195 1571382 Rita Revesz  
CM9475 1581969 Robyn Landry  
CM0326 1582354 Rosalisa Abito  
CM0181 1001036 Roy Scheller  
CM0076 1000946 Ruth Maxwell  
CM0128 1000997 Sandra Kilanowski  
CM0097 1000966 Sarah Kehoe  
CM9733 1002364 Sean Jones  
CM9665 1584550 Sean-Michael Dunham  
CM1654 1001174 Sherry Dimmick  
CM58701 1001855 Stacy Brault  
CM9485 1583684 Stasia Ellis  
CM0213 1572626 Steffani Schwierking  
CM6970 1001998 Stephanie Hoxie  
CM0327 1583604 Stephanie Johnson  
CM0104 1000973 Stephanie Pereault  
CM0091 1000961 Stephanie Tucker  
CM0177 1570992 Stephen Geddes  
CM2761 1001374 Stevan Hulley  
CM0637 1001063 Steve Ulofoshio  
CM6201 1001886 Susan Drathman  
CM0065 1000936 Susan Finkelstein  
CM6506 1001912 Susan Kamauoha  
CM0152 1001021 Susan Miller  
CM2878 1001385 Susan Reed  
CM34981 1001438 Susan Troutman  
CM54911 1001754 Suzan FitzGerald  
CM0196 1571712 Suzanne Morris  
CM9334 1002255 Suzanne Vuillet-Smith  
CM0861 1001070 Suzy Ruchti  
CM6971 1001999 Tammi Balts  
CM0115 1000984 Tara Crosslan  
CM0211 1572032 Tara Raemaeker  
CM0217 1573602 Terah Lowe  
CM5951 1001863 Teresa Ransom  
CM0182 1571123 Terry Devens  
CM4890 1001661 Theresa Bovey  
CM76011 1002101 Theresa Firor  
CM8427 1002199 Tiffany Mahle  
CM0138 1001007 Tiffany Wilson  
CM5712 1001792 Tim Slade  
CM8625 1002209 Tina Russell  
CM5427 1001750 Tisha Mitchell  
CM0309 1580950 Tracy Rodden  
CM0284 1578607 Troya Williamson  
CM9996 1580738 Victoria Standridge  
CM0154 1001023 Victoria Stroup  
CM0273 1577285 Wanda Clark  
CM0074 1000944 Wanda Moore  
CM0271 1577746 Whitney Watson  
CM0231 1574299 Yesennia Vargas  
CM7483 1002076 Yolondia Rodland-Knodel