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SDS E-Alert:

DHSS suspends Mat-Su Activity and Respite Center
from the Medicaid program

The Department of Health and Social Services has determined that a credible allegation of fraud exists against Mat-Su Activity and Respite Center (MARC) a waiver service provider.  Therefore, the Department of Health and Social Services has suspended Medicaid payments to MARC, as of 6/5/14.

What happens to recipients?

Medicaid recipients authorized to receive personal care and/or waiver services from ALCPCA will be informed of ALCPCA’s suspension by mail. In the event that ALCPCA ceases to provide services, SDS will provide recipients with a list of providers certified to provide PCA and/or waiver services.

Waiver Service Agencies that are receiving recipient transfers will have those service authorizations expedited by Senior and Disabilities Services. Please remember that recipients should be offered a choice in providers and soliciting recipients is never authorized.

Can Individuals employed by MARC continue to provide services?

Yes, they may provide services but cannot be paid by MARC through Medicaid funds.  An individual must apply and be hired by a new agency and obtain background check clearance before being paid by Medicaid for waiver services. If the individual employee tells the agency to which they are applying that you are transferring from Mat-Su Activity and Respite Center, they will ask the Background Check Unit to expedite the background check clearance process. This will ensure a smooth transition for you with the background check process.  The Background Check Unit will be processing the transfer of MARC employees as expeditiously as possible.

The Department of Health and Social Services is striving to ensure that Medicaid recipients are not adversely affected by the suspension of payment to MARC. If you have questions, please contact Pat Walker, SDS Quality Assurance Manager at