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Many providers statewide have partnered with SDS to use video teleconferencing for the initial interview that SDS assessors have with people who are applying for Medicaid waiver and Personal Care Services through the division. In the video teleconferencing, SDS assessors conduct an assessment, talking to the applicant about what self-care he or she can do. Alaskans who get waiver or personal care services are re-assessed each year, and this follow-up meeting can also be done by video teleconferencing.

Here is a brochure that explains the process.
Download printable brochure.

Tele-assessments save travel costs, freeing up more funds for service recipients. Tele-assessments are also not affected by bad weather, which often delayed in-person assessments in rural Alaska in the past. 

Important forms and applications

Provider partners

    ​1. Alaska Island Community Services
    2. Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
    3. Bristol Bay Health Corp.
    4. Community Connections
    5. Copper River Native Association
    6. Cordova Community Medical Center
    7. Eastern Aleutian Tribes
    ​8. Hope Community Resources
    9. Maniilaq Association
    10. Norton Sound Health Corp.
    11. Providence Valdez Counseling Center
    12. South Peninsula Behavioral Health
    13. Tanana Chiefs Conference
    14. Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corp.


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