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Grants and Contracts Support Team Contact Information

Darla Madden, Chief, Grants & Contracts Support Team

Grants Unit

Myra Pugh, Grants Manager 465-3469
Britten Burkhouse,  Public Health, Juvenile Justice  465-4938
Janine Place, Public Assistance, Senior & Disabilities Services 465-1620
Donna Jones, Behavioral Health 465-2836
Tricia Cunningham-Young, Children's Services, Finance and Management Services 465-8507

Michael Christenson, Information Systems Coordinator 465-5073

Contracts Unit

Amy Deininger, Contracts Manager 465-3005
Nena Thomas, Professional Services Contracts 465-2338
Diana Stevens, Procurement 465-1621
Kathy Crenshaw, Leasing 465-6263
Nathan O'Brien, Property 465-5293