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 RememberGrant Year End Points to Remember

The state fiscal year ends June 30 of each year.  All Department of Health and Social Services operating grant agreements also expire on that same date.  Below are some important points to remember in order that your grant may effectively be closed out and any final payments made in a timely manner.   

    Requests for Line Item Budget Revisions (LIBR) are due on or before July 30. LIBRs submitted after this deadline will not be allowed except as a result of a completed audit report per department regulations. 

    Final Cumulative Fiscal Report (CFR) and any required narrative reports are due on or before July 30 per your grant agreement. 

    List of encumbered items is due with your final reports on or before July 30. Per DHSS grant regulations and the conditions of your grant agreement, grantees that encumber grant funds at year end must notify the grant agency in writing of the outstanding encumbrance(s). 

Please also keep in mind that you may only have one report submitted through eGrants and awaiting approval at any one time.  Waiting until the deadline to try to submit LIBRs, final or revised CFRs could cause a conflict preventing you from submitting timely.