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Early Intervention Committee


About Us

The Early Intervention Committee (EIC) is a standing committee of the Governor's Council. It meets monthly by teleconference. Members include parents of infants or toddlers with disabilities, service providers, and others who are involved in the agencies that provide services to infants, toddlers & families.

The following is a list of members on the standing committee of the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education, and is not a complete list of people appointed to serve on the Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC).


Committee Members

Sandra DeHart-Mayor, Chair
Kristin Vandagriff, Staff
Annette Blanas
Jill Burkert
Meghan Clark
Mandy Cleveland
Don Enoch
Heidi Haas
Maureen Harwood
Karli Lopez
Amy Simpson
Janice Braden
Annette Callies
Amy George
Shelly Vendetti-Vuckovich
Christian Muntean
Marcey Bish
Janice Braden
Annette Callies
Becky Davenport
Sarah Emmal
Alex Fogarty
Amy George
Mackenzie Harvey
Rebecca Himshoot
Dr Matt Hirschfeld
Meghan Johnson
Christina Hulquist
Jimael Johnson
Christy Knight
Rebekah Morisse
Amber Parker
Elizabeth Siddon
Carrie Silvers
Kristen Spencer
Carmen Wenger
Adele Daniels