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Early Intervention Committee



  • Provided comment to the State Board of Education on the importance of pre-literacy screenings for young school age children to help catch learning disabilities that may have an impact on lifelong reading skills. Many of these challenges can be remediated with early interventions before the workload and expectations of the classroom become insurmountable.
  • Began reviewing the use of Telepractice in medical and early intervention. Formed a workgroup to look at uses, challenges, opportunities for collaboration and workforce training. This led to a recommendation to the Council to form a Council Telepractice Ad Hoc Committee.
  • Began work on the statewide lack of child care opportunities for children with disabilities.
  • Initiated a review of provider and family understanding of procedural safeguards and parent rights. Surveyed of the state’s Infant Learning Program coordinators on their understanding, use, attitudes and training on safeguards and rights. Made recommendations to the Early Intervention/Early Intervention state office on how to improve providers’ practice.
  • Reviewed the screening and referral process for infants who are deaf or hard of hearing. Reviewed materials provided to parents by both the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EDHI) program and EI/ILP for content, tone and information on communication choices.
  • Advocated for an incremental increase in early intervention funding of$1.5 million. This amount was based on estimates for funding the automatic referrals from the Office of Children’s Services for infants and toddlers entering care. This is a Federal Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) mandate that had no additional funding attached to it. The EIC, working with our partners, developed a budget, advertising, informational materials and coordinated advocacy. The initiative passed, and was included in the Governor’s budget.
  • Provided stakeholder review, comments and recommendations to the Alaska Early Intervention/Infant (EI/ILP) Learning Program’s new Part C Policies and Procedures.
  • The Autism Insurance Reform Bill (SB 74) passed the last day of the session.
  • The Council organized and oversaw the development and implementation of the Alaska’s Kids Can’t Wait campaign. As a result, the legislature funded a $1 million dollar increment for the Early Intervention/Infant Learning Program (EI/ILP) services and $300,000 for EI/ILP workforce development/high qualified staff.
  • Successfully advocated for $1.3 GF increased ILP funds
  • Updated website and EIC brochure
  • Created preschool survey
  • Assisted in creating ATTI e-module training with DEED
  • Provided ILP with comments on APR
  • Joint report with ILP to Governor
  • Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference