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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Workgroup

The FASD Workgroup is an ad hoc created by the Governor's Council. It meets monthly via teleconference. Members include parents of individuals with disabilities, self-advocates, service providers, public community members, and others involved in agencies that provide services to people with FASDs.

Our mission statement:

The Alaska Governor’s Council Workgroup on FASD, in collaboration with stakeholders and partner agencies, advocates for a comprehensive service delivery system so that individuals and their families impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) / Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) have access to effective early interventions and lifelong supports.

What does the FASD Workgroup do?

The committee works on priority issues and activities related to increasing diagnostics, improving outcomes, and accessing  services for people with FASDs in Alaska. Committee members engage in research, planning, monitoring, and advocacy efforts. We also support Alaska's new Self-Advocates with FASD into Action (SAFA) chapter, hosted by the ARC of Anchorage.

Committee Members

Aileen McInnis
Alex Edwards
Barb Chambers
Betsy Chivers
Clayton Holland
Deb Evensen
Art Delaune
Michael Baldwin
Michael Jeffery
Laura Ba’ez
Liz Joseph
Anna Attla
Teri Tibbett
Travis Hedwig
Erin Johnson
Representative Ivy Spohnholz
Jenn Wagaman
Lakota Holman
Sherrell Holtshauser
Laurie Whitlock
Chris Fraczek
Tory Shanklin
Sue Mayer
Meghan Clark
Stacy Toner
Duane Mayes
Jill Burkert
Laurie Whitlock
Marilyn Pierce-Bulger
Matthew Hirschfeld
Tami Eller
Jackie Lannon
Christy Knight
Cheri Scott
Vickie Tinker
Laura Young-Campbell
Mary Middleton
Shannon Cross-Azbill
Maureen Harwood
Jeanne Gerhardt-Cyrus, Chair
Hope Finkelstein, Co-Chair
Lanny Mommsen, Staff
Christie Reinhardt, Staff