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Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee (LC) is a standing committee of the Governor’s Council. Members of the Legislative Committee follow the actions of the Legislature, meeting at least once a month through statewide teleconference. The Legislative Committee organizes support or opposition for proposed legislation that may impact lives of families and individuals experiencing developmental disabilities.

Legislative Priorities

  • Refinancing the Community Developmental Disability Grant Program (CDDG) Currently the CDDG is 100% state funded; refinancing the CDDG  would allow the leveraging of federal money, with a 50% federal Medicaid match to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in attaining and maintaining skills needed to live, excel and improve successful independence. The availability of waiver services helps to prevent institutionalization which is significantly more costly, in addition to promoting access to the greater community.
  • Support: HB 16 | Bill​ Legislation to promote positive interaction between individuals with disabilities and law enforcement officials through academic level training, public education, and voluntary identification.
  • ABLE Plan: There's no limits to what people with disabilities can do! Savings plan which allows individuals with disabilities to save for qualified disability expenses without losing eligibility for certain assistance programs, like SSI and Medicaid.
  • GCDSE Resolution. Resolution requesting the Alaska Legislature and Executive branch work together to create and implement a long-range fiscal plan, through diverse revenue sources, to promote strong rural and urban communities which protect the health, education and cultural life​ of Alaska's most vulnerable populations.

Can you get involved ?

Yes! Call us at 269-8554 or email: Patrick Reinhart