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Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education

GCDSE Staff Members

Ric Nelson
Employment Program Coordinator
Fax: 269-8989


Ric was appointed as a Council member in 2007. During this time he held several key leadership positions including: Council Chair elect (2013-2015); Vice Council Chair (2011-2012); Legislative Chair (2010-2011). In 2015, he felt he could make a larger impact in Alaska by working for the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education so in August 2015 he accepted a positon as a Program Coordinator. This role allows him to continue his work to help impact policies in Alaska in order to improve the lives of Alaskans with disabilities.

Ric holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and an Associate in Small Business Management. He servers on a variety of local and national boards, some of which include: Peer Power, National Youth Leadership Network, Youth Advocates for Community and president of TASH. In 2015, he was awarded the Alaska Journal of Commerce’s 2015 “Alaska Top 40 Under 40.

In his free time Ric spends lots of time with friends and family. He likes to travel around the world. Some of the places he has visited include: Tokyo, Japan; Dublin, Ireland; and all over the US.