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Free Online Course for People with Disabilities
on Becoming Employed!

The Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities brings you Partners in Employment, a self-study course designed to help people with developmental disabilities find meaningful jobs and jump-start their careers.
Since 1987, Partners in Policymaking ® participants have strived to create a new employment culture - one in which willing workers are welcomed and embraced by satisfied employers and a supportive public. Hundreds of individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members have learned new, exciting ways to open the world of work to everyone.
This course has been created to give you the practical skills you need to find real, competitive employment in your community. Throughout the site, you'll learn how other people with disabilities have overcome common obstacles to find jobs and succeed in the workplace.

After completing this course, you will:

    • Understand the hiring process and how it might differ for people with developmental disabilities;
    • Understand supported and competitive employment;
    • Identify a "circle of friends" who can help you achieve your dream;
    • Know your strengths, skills and interests and how they might translate into a career;
    • Understand how technology skills can help people with disabilities find meaningful employment;
    • Understand natural supports and how they might help you succeed;
    • Create a resume or portfolio that presents you and your abilities in the best light;
    • Know how to network and identify potential employers;
    • Be prepared for a successful job interview;
    • Know how to evaluate a job offer to make sure it fits your skills and dreams!”

This course could be a great resource for people with disabilities, as well as parents, teachers, and job coaches desiring to assist someone they know with a disability in becoming employed.

To take this course free of charge, visit the following link:
You’ll also learn some pretty inspirational facts such as the ones below:
    • “Today, over 105,000 individuals with significant disabilities are experiencing more independence and inclusion through competitive, community-based careers. Real employment provides an opportunity to break out of the endless cycle of unemployment and underemployment.”
    • “In February 2010, Temple Grandin was a featured presenter at the TED: Ideas Worth Spreading lecture series. Diagnosed with autism as a child, Grandin shared her personal experiences with autism and the way her mind works. In her presentation, “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds,” Grandin describes how her ability to "think in pictures" allows her to solve problems that others with “neurotypical” brains might miss and helps her make the case that the world – and employers – need people on the autism spectrum. Grandin has authored several books about her life as a person with autism, including Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism, an excellent resource for people with ASD who are searching for careers. Grandin’s life was featured in Temple Grandin, which won seven Emmy Awards including “Outstanding Made for TV Movie.”
    • “Inclusive employment benefits everyone. You might be surprised to learn that:
        • Supported employment participants earn nearly $600 million annually and pay over $100 million each year in federal, state, and local taxes.
        • 52% of participants' primary income is their paycheck - not public assistance or disability benefits.
        • Individuals with disabilities who participate in supported employment increased their annual earnings by a staggering 490%!”