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Adoption & Guardianship

Adoption & Guardianship Guide Book

This guidebook is about choosing adoption or guardianship for a child in state custody. If you find your-self wondering whether or not to adopt a child or become a guardian for a child, this guidebook is for you. We realize that families considering such a long-term commitment need to have information and answers to their questions.

This guidebook will provide you with basic information on adoption and guardianship, the process for both options, a comparison of adoption and guardianship, and information about how the adoption and guardianship subsidy program works.

A unique feature of adoption is its long-term, permanent nature. This is quite different from the short-term focus on most foster-care. Guardianship is also a permanent, long-term commitment to a child, but it is different than adoption. You will learn about those differences in this guidebook.

I am deeply thankful for the inspiration and support from staff who made this publication possible. I am also deeply grateful for your family's consideration of becoming a permanent family for a child who today lives in a temporary situation.