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Grant Funds

Children's Justice Act Grant Funds

The State of Alaska, Office of Children’s Services, formerly the Division of Family and Youth Services, was awarded a Children’s Justice Act Grant on September 9, 1999. The State of Alaska has received an award each year since 1999.

Children's Justice Act funds are used for programs to reform State systems and improve the processes by which Alaska responds to cases of child abuse and neglect, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation and cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities. This enables us to deal more effectively with both the child victim and the offender and to limit additional trauma to the child victim.

Alaska is the recipient of a Children’s Justice Act Grant, which is awarded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. This grant award is a population based formula, therefore the award for the state of Alaska is relatively small:

1999 award $67,540
2000 award $67,238
2001 award $92,116
2002 award $89,520
2003 award $89,520
2004 award $89,502
2005 award $88,787
2006 award $89,513
2007 award $87,367
2008 award $85,939
2009 award $85,870
2010 award $85,456
2011 award $84,458
2012 award $85,374
2013 award $85,705

These grant awards have historically funded three grant components:

  1. Meetings of the State Task Force both telephonically and in person;
  2. A half time Program Coordinator with the Office of Children’s Services to manage the grant, coordinate meetings, and implement grant activities and projects;
  3. Funding projects and activities identified by the State Task Force to address the mission of the Children’s Justice Act.

Projects funded by the Alaska State Task Force with Children's Justice Act grant money in previous years have included:

  • The establishment of a Child Advocacy Center Network and Initial Capacity Building for the Network
  • Forensic Interviewing Training for Child Protection Workers
  • Increase the number of Multidisciplinary teams.
  • The Child Maltreatment Conference
  • Creation and distribution of a Mandated Reporters Training CD for all mandated reporters.