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Overview of Site

This site was developed for the purpose of being a “one-stop-shop” for Alaskans who need information on how to report child abuse and neglect as well as information on how to recognize and respond to the different forms of child abuse and neglect that are commonly encountered.

There are actually two ways to access this training on this site:

1. HTML Training
The version you are viewing now. You may have access this site through a Google or browser search. It was designed to allow viewers to pick and choose topics of interest or to quickly access specific information. This version is for professionals and/or members of the general public interested in more information but do not need a training certificate of completion.

2. Mandatory Reporter Training (Provides certificate of completion)
Available by clicking the blue Mandatory Reporter Training button at the top of the page. This version of the training is directed at professionals who are legally required to report child abuse in Alaska and who are required to participate in training as a part of their obligation as a “Mandatory Reporter”. This version
results in a certificate of completion.

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