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Why Report? You make a difference

Reporters make a difference

Everyday across our state children are vulnerable to harm from abuse and neglect. People that care about a child are often the first to notice this danger; people like a family member, a neighbor, a teacher, a nurse — or that person might be you. We are all responsible for the safety of children in our communities.

If you believe a child was harmed or is at risk of harm due to abuse or neglect, you should report it. Children who get help as soon as possible have a much better chance to have a safe home, a strong family, an all-around improved  chance at a great life.

The Office of Children’s Services responds to thousands of allegations of child abuse and neglect each year. We hope these children can be safe, are able to strengthen connections to healthy families, and receive the opportunities and support they deserve.

OCS can’t do this work without help from everyone. None of this work can begin without that first phone call from a person who cares.

You may be the only person who can begin to make life better for an abused or neglected child. 

Reporters make a difference.

In this video an Alaska OCS worker talks about why it is important to report suspected abuse even when the signs do not seem to necessarily indicate serious abuse.
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