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ECCS plan Cover

The first two and one-half years of the ECCS project were focused on developing the statewide Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Plan. The project brought together public and private partners from around the State of Alaska in a collaborative effort to review existing systems for children prenatal through age 8 and plan for their improvement. Over 100 stakeholders participated in workgroups that reviewed service delivery systems, current initiatives, funding streams, policies, best practices and information on the health/education status of young Alaskan children. 

Recommendations were drafted by the workgroups on how systems serving this age group could be improved. The ECCS Plan was approved and published in the fall of 2006 and revised in the spring of 2009. The Alaska ECCS Plan provides direction in Alaska for the development of public policy for young children.

The Plan represents the past, present, and future. It incorporates the thinking from several past planning efforts as well as new ideas and solutions; recognizes the needs of today’s young children and their families; promotes “best practices,” those proven to be most successful; and gives us a vision for the future. The Plan does not intend to represent everything currently underway for young children, but strives to address systems gaps and identify improvements needed to assure that Alaska’s young children have the greatest opportunity for positive health and developmental outcomes.

2009 Revised Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Plan Summary

2006 Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Plan Summary

Full Plan Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Plan