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ICWA Liaison Help Desk

The ICWA help Desk was a position created through the partnership work of Tribal State Collaboration Group meetings.  The idea behind creating this position was for a tribe or tribal organization to help partner with the State of Alaska, to help comply with the Federal ICWA guidelines and to give support to Native families who are involved with the State of Alaska child welfare system.

ICWA Help Desk workers are not state workers, they are employed through tribes or native organizations. A Some of them co-locate in the Office of Children's Services buildings. A ICWA help desk workers are engaged with OCS in multiple layers throughout the life span of a case. A They assist in areas like, a community resources for native specific services, relative searches and completing family trees, tribal searches, and obtaining a certificate of Indian blood from the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs).

Gwen Emel
(907) 357-9780
Wasilla, AK