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Eat Smart Alaska

Eat Smart Alaska was a group of volunteers working to help shape food consumption in a positive way, and promoting health and reducing disease among all Alaskans. Members were consumers, foodservice representatives, educators, health professionals, government agencies, and private businesses. Eat Smart Alaska advocated for increased availability of healthful foods; increased education efforts on the economic benefits of healthful eating; increased use of media to promote healthful eating messages; and publicized healthful eating to promote enhanced quality of life and prevents disease.

As the evidence-base for obesity prevention grew and prevention work focused on childhood obesity prevention, the members of Eat Smart Alaska decided to disband and support the efforts of the Alaska Alliance for Healthy Kids and the Alaska Food Policy Council.

The State of Alaska Obesity Prevention and Control program continues to embrace the mission of Eat Smart Alaska by implementing evidence-based strategies to increase healthy eating in childcares, schools, and in the community. The program also provides education to the public through its Play Every Day campaign.

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